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It's Getting Hot in Here! Red California Provides Sizzling Vibes with, "Boca Sexy"

Reigning from Tarragona, the Spanish singing sensation Red California kicks things up a notch with the release of her latest single, “Boca Sexy.” Fueled by her burning passion for music and dancing, she has emerged from a three-month quarantine in Spain with her first recorded full-length album featuring both her debut single, “Tarragona” and her latest release, “Boca Sexy.”

Shortly after the achievements behind her debut single, Red California showcases her sizzling talents as she indulges fans in her new single accompanied by glamour filled, star-studded visuals that put the spotlight on not only Red California but some of Spain’s most treasured salsa dancers.

"Boca Sexy" thrives in the sweltering heat of the summer containing all of the characteristics of a hit record. Fusing sultry wordplay and dance-worthy salsa rhythms, Red California was influenced by her encounter with a former partner, finding herself engrossed with lust, yet again. "Boca Sexy," written and performed in her native tongue of Catalan, takes particular notice of her ex-girlfriend's seductive lips. Immersing us in the lavish sounds of up-tempo instrumentation, we find ourselves instantly out of our seats dancing to this intoxicating composition. Transporting us to the ambiance that Tarragona offers, we gravitate towards the magnetic pull of Red California's lush and divine vocal performance.

The reverberated essence of "Boca Sexy" radiates a striking glimmer of the lively persona that Red California carries forth with her in the enigmatic sonic designs she offers her listeners. Escorted by the unforgettable visuals that have Red California breaking barriers in the salsa world. Red California makes her presence known in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the visuals that were filmed in Catalonia, on the eastern coast of Spain, and highlights some of the country's most famous cities for dancing, including world-famous Barcelona, a city known for its endless nights, beautiful beaches, and artistic treasures. Red California submerges us in the likes of her compelling identity with "Boca Sexy." Closely watching her next moves, we can say that we're highly anticipating her full-length album.

Congratulations on the release of “Boca Sexy.” We are obsessed with the ambiance of your new single! Could you please tell listeners a little bit more about who you are as an artist? I found a broken one string guitar at my grandparent's house at the age of 16. After fixing it by watching YouTube tutorials, I started watching videos to learn how to play. After two months I started having an interest in trying to make songs but I was not confident enough to take it to the next step so I just played at small bars across town. During these years, I've been learning a lot about drums, Latin music, and salsa dancing. By the time quarantine happened, I realized I really liked making my own music and invested all my time improving it. A few months later, I had a full album with rhythms that really spoke to me and decided to release it. And so, here I am.

What was it like to be both the leading role and director of the music video for “Boca Sexy?" Have you taken on this challenge in the past?

It's been a really challenging experience so far, but very rewarding. It's not easy to direct, edit, frame, focus, sing, and dance at the same time, but given these difficult times and given I'm a photographer and videographer, that was the most effective way to release on my own terms - and how I actually envisioned it. So far, it has been a great way to express my voice as an artist. Is “Boca Sexy” a representation of what we can expect from your full-length album?

Not at all. Each song it's an experiment for me. I really wanted to make happy and easy songs to dance to, so for sure there will be a lot of upbeat songs. I am definitely adding more beats to it since I am also a drummer! What is the story behind your artist name?

I am obsessed with red lipstick, in fact, I cannot go out without my lips being red. It's something very characteristic of me. On the other hand, I fell in love with California the first time I went there, so Red California is a name that inspires and speaks to me. What would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you put out?

Definitely happy vibes! I see myself playing gigs where people are dancing, smiling, and singing along with me. When I write, I try to talk about love from a positive and happy perspective. Sometimes, love songs are either about sad breakups or about the rush of being in love. I try to expand that love spectrum a bit further where I can create a song that can look at the breakup and take a positive lesson and meaning out of it - like my upcoming single "Ya no dueles", which means, "You don't hurt me anymore". I am an easygoing and happy person, so I like reflecting that in my music and I can't wait for you to hear it!

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