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It's Hard Not to be "Distracted," With The Sweet Sounds of Dominique Gorley

Reigning from the nation’s capital of Ottawa, Canada, French-Canadian R&B/Soul songstress, Dominique Gorley is launching the release of her highly anticipated, enigmatic EP, 'Fearless,' with her intoxicating new single, “Distracted.”

Collaborating with some of Ottawa’s finest talents, this record features multi-talented guitarist, composer, and music educator Sean Duhaime, as well as the remarkable saxophonist, Zeek Gross.

Dominique Gorley is taking a unique approach to the release of “Distracted,” in a music culture that is ruled by single releases.

As the EP is made up of five tracks, each song from “Fearless,” will be put out into the world over the course of a five-month time period to ensure the proper spotlight is put upon the captivating creations composed by Dominique Gorley, Sean Duhaime, and Quest, the mastermind behind the recording and production aspects.

As we dive into the depths of “Distracted,” we are serenaded with the lush Jazz forward introduction that Zeek Gross offers throughout the smoky and reverberated sounds of the saxophone. Drawing us into the composition with each golden note performed, we anticipate the accompaniment of Dominique Gorley’s breathtaking vocalization singing the smooth fusions of R&B, Soul, and Jazz.

Pair that with the gentle and harmonious playing of Sean Duhaime on the guitar and production quality that speaks wonders by producer extraordinaire Quest, and we have a recipe for utter success.

As the instrumentation acts as a solidified foundation for Dominique Gorley’s heavenly resonance to cascade upon, she paints a striking image with the storytelling in her words. Using life’s distractions as a focal point, she zones in on the fearless mindset she has had to adapt to in order to push the disruptions to the side as she channels her inner confidence and begins to progress in her life and artistic journey with a new mentality.

Touching on how life can slip right by in the blink of an eye, this profound, slow tempo ballad acts as quite the introduction to her EP, 'Fearless,' and if this is what she has in store for us, we are all for it.


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