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It’s Really Kev Drops Retrospective Track “17”

To friends he’s known as Kev, but as a recording artist, fans are getting acquainted to him as It’s Really Kev. A Flatbush, Brooklyn native, It’s Really Kev is a talented and naturally gifted hip-hop artist who paints his vision through his unique sound. It’s Really Kev began writing songs in college and his debut single “Go Youngn” was released in 2018 and received incredible success. His intent to connect to audiences is evident as his lyrics paint a picture on many topics throughout songs.

It’s Really Kev’s newest project “Signed, It’s Really Kev” features the dope track “17”. This song lets the listener take a retrospective look into It’s Really Kev’s upbringing. He highlights where he’s from and the road he’s travelled. Kev experienced the hard truths and struggles of the world at the young age of 17. He goes into detail about his trials and tribulations who have made him into the man he is today. “Early mornings, late nights, figured out how to take flight.. I’ve been grinding all f*ckin’ night” is an awakening lyric. It takes hard work to get anywhere in life and It’s Really Kev is proof of that. Hypnotizing echoes of female harmonies give “17” a vibrant theme. The catchy Motown style beat is addicting and leaves the listener wanting more. Acoustic guitar throughout the track fuses expertly with the raw and vulnerable energy “17” exudes. With his new project, “Signed, it’s Really Kev” pictures are painted as Kev introduces his vibe and art to the world.

Listen to "17" here and get to know more about It's Really Kev in our interview below!

We love the track “17”! Can you talk more about the meaning of the lyrics in this song? What’s your favorite part?

17 is really an insight of my mindset and me trying to be independent at the age of 17. I graduated high school at 17 and didn’t turn 18 until the second semester of my Freshman year in college. Like most college students I didn’t have any money, but i also never wanted to feel like an expense for my moms.  My close friend and I figured out how to eat, pay rent and anything else we needed or wanted to do by creating multiple hustles on and off campus. Most of my friends were at least 2-3 years older than me and would go to parties that i couldn’t get into since i wasn’t 18.  As they would go party i would ride into the city of Savannah with them and figure out how to hustle some money up until they got out the spot. This was one experience that opened my eyes to grinding for what you wanted in life. My favorite part of the song is “live on campus as a truant but also a student, making plays to get my money I’m sticking and moving, business man in a fashion and i never knew it...” This was just me showing I’ve always had balance within life and the spirit to employ myself. As listeners get to know me they’ll know that I’m a vibe and it shows through the music. 

Who are you musical influences? Why?

Off the top of my head i would say André 3000. His ability to use unique words and keep his rhyme pattern is something I look to do in many songs. I’m also influenced by a lot of old funk tunes like Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield and other artist during that time, as well Reggae since my family comes from Guyana. The old funk tunes just create a vibe which i always intend to do when I create my own music. With that said a great deal of my influence comes from my life. I felt like I was able to experience both sides of the coin as i grew up in low income areas but was also able to go to college and see a different style of living. I’ve had one real 9-5 but also have had to figure out how to hustle money up. There’s way more influences that i can speak of but the most important and prominent is my surroundings and experiences.

What’s your writing process like?

I prefer to write alone as i may re write bars a 100 times over to be sure I’m painting a vivid picture or sometimes just finding the right words to set the mood. Usually i write in the crib, sometimes to a beat or no beat at all, it really goes with the vibe that I’m in. It could take a while for me to find a beat that fits certain songs. Depending on the content and the vibe it can take me a few hours to write a song or a few months.

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

I read up on different areas to help propel me as an artist. Marketing, writing styles, listening and watching how some of the greats stamped their name in the industry. Really trying to elevate myself as an artist and business man. Besides that I try to chill with those close to me when I get a chance and take care of my body so I workout and try to eat clean.


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