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It Would Be "Selfish" For Us To Not Share This Unbelievable Hit by Dave Monday!

His government name is Dave Monday, his spirit name is Giniw “The Golden Eagle”, and he was born on May 16th from North Native American and Nigerian descent. He’s an indigenous recording artist, whose been writing bilingual lyrics since the age of 12. He moved to Toronto at the age of 21, and lived in shelters for 2 years. After four years of living in Toronto, he’s been recording and doing open mics in the city.

Dave Monday is ready for the big lights with his new single “Selfish”, off his EP “What’s left behind” “Selfish” had a witty and trendy hook, showing signs of intelligent repetitiveness, which I find to be much needed in a record like this. The reason I say this is simple. The beat is vibrant, bold, colorful, and all around radiating of good energy. It has the ingredients of mainstream appeal. All it needs? A cool hook to get the listener grooving and vibing with the record. Looks like the Golden Eagle knew this was the golden factor of the song that would undoubtedly make everything pop more. “Selfish” is an engrossing tune that knows how to cultivate the mixture of trendy sounds with real lyrical content. For this reason, I was able to enjoy “Selfish” on a more in-depth dimension, realizing the multiple layers of this song. Dave Monday has all the potential in becoming a hit making superstar, and we believe “Selfish” is only just the beginning for him!

Listen to "Selfish" here and get to know more about Dave Monday below!

What inspired you to create the alias, “The Golden Eagle” ? what does this cool name mean to you!?

The name Giniw “ the golden eagle “ has been given by a healer. 3 years ago I was lost and I needed some spiritual guidance. And I asked what my spirit name was? And he told me if I have some anxiety or I feel depression coming my way. I have to say my name and pray for good to happen in my life so that my ancestors can hear me!

Tell us about your EP project, “What’s left behind”, and the major theme surrounding it?

I made Giniw: Whats left behind about all the native girls I have dated in the city?

And what left behind is what I leave in the past and move forward to the future?

How does “Selfish” fit into the plethora of records complementing the EP’s theme?

I made selfish 2 years ago and never posted online cause I never thought it was good enough.

But I really put my emotions in it and at that time I was really heart broken. And it felt really good to record it, after I shared it with a couple of my peers I got a lot of good feedback from them so that gave me some confidence to upload it and share it with the world. I hope I can make somebody feel better with it cause of course we all have been heartbroken and selfish just stands out from it self from all the tracks on the EP!

In what ways does “Selfish” stand out apart from your previous releases!?

The guitars, The bass it stands out overall.

What’s next for you?

I have a another EP coming called just Giniw. That was gonna be my first but for some reason the distribution site put out “ What’s left behind “ first so I’ll just wait till my birthday and my second EP will be dropping. And this one is more political and traditional at the same time? Talking about all the unspoken things hear in Canada and made the states about the indigenous people of turtle island.


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