It Would Be "Selfish" For Us To Not Share This Unbelievable Hit by Dave Monday!

His government name is Dave Monday, his spirit name is Giniw “The Golden Eagle”, and he was born on May 16th from North Native American and Nigerian descent. He’s an indigenous recording artist, whose been writing bilingual lyrics since the age of 12. He moved to Toronto at the age of 21, and lived in shelters for 2 years. After four years of living in Toronto, he’s been recording and doing open mics in the city.

Dave Monday is ready for the big lights with his new single “Selfish”, off his EP “What’s left behind” “Selfish” had a witty and trendy hook, showing signs of intelligent repetitiveness, which I find to be much needed in a record like this. The reason I say this is simple. The beat is vibrant, bold, colorful, and all around radiating of good energy. It has the ingredients of mainstream appeal. All it needs? A cool hook to get the listener grooving and vibing with the record. Looks like the Golden Eagle knew this was the golden factor of the song that would undoubtedly make everything pop more. “Selfish” is an engrossing tune that knows how to cultivate the mixture of trendy sounds with real lyrical content. For this reason, I was able to enjoy “Selfish” on a more in-depth dimension, realizing the multiple layers of this song. Dave Monday has all the potential in becoming a hit making superstar, and we believe “Selfish” is only just the beginning for him!

Listen to "Selfish" here and get to know more about Dave Monday below!