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Italian Artist Blue Duvey Has “All The Girls In Love,” In His New Indie-Based Single

Italian singer/songwriter Blue Duvey has quite the resume when it comes to his involvement in music. After attending the prestigious Municipal School of Music, Blue Duvey further went on to graduate under the tutelage of Lars Frandsen in Music Performance, establishing a strong knowledge of the art form itself.

Growing up, Blue Duvey always had an inclination that music, particularly rock and classical music, resonated with him deeply. After studying music for many years, Blue Duvey knew the real depth of his interests and has allowed it to guide him in crafting his own authentic style of sound. Centering most of his creations around an alternative/indie rock genre, Blue Duvey has finally released his public single debut, "All The Girls In Love."

Blue Duvey's goosebump-serving single, "All The Girls In Love," was recorded in between his trips to Milan and New York and is inspired by personal life events. Blue Duvey hoped to embody the true essence of indie-rock music with this particular release, and we must say that the eccentric, individualistic sound he serves up here is what allows the strong alternative element to shine.

Harmonious guitar chords introduce Blue Duvey's song, crafting a surreal, movie-moment melody. Soon enough, his matured, articulated voice smoothly presents itself, and it's the particular essence of Blue Duvey's voice that allows the subtle alternative style to really come forth. It is all-too-easy to feel laidback and open-minded while listening to "All The Girls In Love." The atmosphere the song brings is relaxingly flavourful, and each element glides across listening tastebuds with ease.

The lyrical repetition offers more of a lax tone, and we have to say that with all of these soothing entities captured in "All The Girls In Love," we're beginning to feel elevated, seamlessly soaring across indie-infused clouds without a care to be had. Blue Duvey delivered an indie-rock therapy session with this song debut while simultaneously delivering many unique alternative expressions.

All in all, "All The Girls In Love" brought forth a nuanced expression of indie-rock music, and we're looking forward to what Blue Duvey will serve up with his future releases. His slight underground rock-based style makes us curious about what this musically-inclined artist will be serving up next.

Immerse yourself in the soothing indie/rock stylings of Blue Duvey's song, "All The Girls In Love," now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Blue Duvey, and congratulations on the release of "All The Girls In Love." What were some of your immediate emotions following your song release, "All The Girls In Love?"

Recording a song is such a long process that when it’s finally live, there is always a great feeling of relief and personal fulfillment. In my case, since I am also the producer, I record all the instruments except the drums, then a pre-mix is done by my oldest friend and mentor, and then the final master is done in yet another studio. So I continuously have to approach the project with a different head. It’s like when a sculptor starting from a piece of marble, completes his work after months of labor.

As an indie-based artist, how would you describe the way you go about searching for the main inspiration for your songs?

As far as I'm concerned, you can’t do research for inspiration because it is completely unconscious. Blue Duvey is a new music project. It’s fresh. During the last few years, I have listened to a lot of indie rock music and other genres, and as you know, music comes from music.

How much of your sound would you say is inspired by external elements versus internal elements of your artistry?

Ever since I first picked up the guitar, I have always wanted to create something of my own. I noticed that when I discovered a new artist that I really loved, it triggered something that helped me find new ideas, and sometimes, this happened even after years. For example, I was recording a song that started with a riff. I spent weeks trying to remember where this melody came from because I thought this riff was not mine. One day I was looking at an IG story, and I found the song that had inspired me, and then I realized it wasn't the same riff. So, my brain had worked out this beautiful melody, adding my feelings and my musical background, and then came up with something personal and intimate. The Rolling Stones wouldn't have existed if Chuck Berry hadn't existed. Jim Morrison was in love with Frank Sinatra, and you can hear it in “Touch Me,” and the sound of “The Edge’s guitar” inspired a big part of what we hear today in the Indie rock music scene. It is impossible to quantify, but surely there is a good part of both external and internal elements. So I would say I find inspiration from music. As for the lyrics, I always start from my personal experience and what is happening around me.

If there was one takeaway that every listener experienced after listening to "All The Girls In Love," which would you have hoped it would be?

I would love for people to be inspired to get up and dance. It’s wonderful when a song goes straight into your bones when it makes you jive and smile and feel. Basically, I’d love it if the main takeaway were, “Wow, that’s a great song,” which is shorthand for a melody that has moved your soul, even fleetingly.

Do you see your future music taking on similar tones to that in "All The Girls In Love?"

The music for my new EP has already been written, and I can say that it will have the same vibe. My goal is to make my music so recognizable that, when someone hears it, they can say, "this is Blue Duvey.”

What’s next for you?

I’m going to release two new singles and then an EP later this year. Also, I’m working on music videos. Actually, my ambition is to get accepted by AWAL. Let's see what happens a year from now.


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