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Itslawdjae Releases His New Hit "Finer Things" Off New Project "Vapours"

Itslawdjae is a producer, singer/songwriter and graphic designer currently living in Ontario, Canada. Itslawdjae is multi talented individual who knows how to set the bar high with his music. The idea behind his music? Simple. It’s an “escape” according to this rising artist. It's a escape from the constructs of society and self made limitations. It's motivated by a yearning to escape from the captivity of lack of creativity so at its core its meant to trigger something within the listener that makes them flow with creative surge, if that's not the case then at least you have a few moments to just vibe! In the recent November of 2018, Itslawdjae released his project titled “Vapours” which is an combination of different moods, in a particularly dark time in his life. A good coping mechanism for Jae himself to forget about the harsh realities in his life and Jae hopes it gives his listeners that same boost of inspiration and motivation.

One song off this project is titled “Finer Things”. It begins with an ethereal introduction with dialog between a girl and guy. Right when the dialogue cuts off, Jae begins to flawlessly spit bars and deliver the heat with no sign of an extinguisher near! Itslawdjae sings in the hook which shows off his refining melodies and catchy tune. The beat reminds me of a cool fusion of pop, rap and trap. Listening to the groovy beat in "Finer Things" will make you want to dance! You can’t help but want to vibe with not only the record but the artist himself. “Finer Things” gave Jae the ability and freedom to let out his authentic and complex flare while conveying emotion behind his lyrics that’s true to his personal thoughts and life. If you need a vibe to explore then we suggest you checking out this prolific creator who goes by the name of Itslawdjae.

How has your growing environment impact your style of music in any way?

The musical scene in Zimbabwe was rather interesting growing, the early onset of my life wasn’t the best and in the areas I grew up the type of music we listened to was fast passed sebeng music with Congolese vibes to it but as things got better in life an we moved higher up on the food chain I got exposed to rap music initially from the likes of MMT an old rap group from Zimbabwe and eventually lil Wayne and a few other international acts. The influence of the various places I have ended up in has created a very interesting sound that is somewhat a combination of all the different genres I was exposed to.

Tell us about the single “Finer Things” and what inspired you to write this?

Vapours as a whole is a combination of different moods in particular dark times. Finer things was a promise of better things to come first and foremost from me to a significant other and second from the world to me.

What was your favorite part in the creation process of “Finer Things” and why?

The project took a long period of time to reach its completion. A lot of tracks were shuffled in and out but somehow finer things was the only one that wasn’t really adjusted. The way the beat switched back and forth allowed it to be versatile with a lot of different song options without affecting the flow of the project and I thought that people could appreciate that.

How does Finer Things differentiate from the other releases off your EP “Vapours”?

She said with Banggz was just a vibe. It took a few moments to have the song ready and the full story behind it is funny to say the least. So was rozay, which I had been working on for a while until Belema helped make it wavy with his Pompela flow. Finer things stands out to me because it encouraged me to dig into different emotions as a muse for music rather than the pain and the anger at that moment in time that change in mindset is something I definitely needed.

What’s next for Itslawdjae?

In the next few months I plan on dropping a couple singles and music videos for the songs on Vapours. I have been playing around with a few new sounds and it would be interesting to see how people react.


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