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Jōviky Gets Down and Dirty in, "Matadors"

The Los Angeles-based storyteller, singer-songwriter, and genre-merging artist Jōviky highlights his latest mixtape, 'A Mixtape by Jōviky - Vol. 1,' with the release of the project's lead single, "Matadors."

Known to his friends as a soft-spoken fellow, Jōviky's music displays a different side of himself as he continues to touch on not-so-quiet truths. While his sound blurs the lines of dark alt-pop, house, alt hip-hop, and trip-hop, Jõviky's lyricism shares tales with those who can relate to his willing, curious, and patient themes.

Recently releasing his 24-track mixtape, 'A Mixtape by Jōviky - Vol. 1,' listeners can witness Jōviky's first attempt at songwriting, freestyling, and improv. Expanding on the project's lead single, "Matadors," Jõviky introduces us to his unique alt-hip-hop ways.

Listening to "Matadors," the track opens with an unconventional percussion beat and Jōviky's spoken-word approach. Jōviky begins expanding the sonics with an electronic-inspired beat, he makes way for Jōviky to later dominate the ins and outs of this introspective and powerful tune. We're more than impressed with the intensity and power of this track, as the underlying production offers this minimalist sci-fi approach that perfectly complements Jōviky's influential performance.

Diving into Jōviky's bars and lyrics, he touches on themes of tapping into his third eye and utilizing the inner power we were all graced with to seek success from every opportunity. While soaking our speakers in his charismatic delivery, the track comes to a mysterious and ominous end.

Catch Jōviky in a sonic storm within their latest hit, "Matadors," and introduce yourself to their 24-track mixtape 'A Mixtape by Jōviky - Vol. 1,' available on Bandcamp.

Listen to "Matadors" here.

Hello Jōviky, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We love the power and individuality of your latest hit, "Matadors." What inspired you to create such an unconventional yet dominant track like this? I wrote “Matadors” during a period when I was watching a lot of social justice documentaries and biopics. I constantly found myself searching for clues from the past on how to conquer the systems of racism that I felt buried under. At times, this search for understanding made me feel drained and somewhat hopeless, so I turned to feel-good movies to help balance out the negative emotions I was struggling with. The track “Matadors” is an exact reflection of the turmoil in my mind wanting to fight the good fight but also wanting to escape my troubles and focus on Black Joy. Was there a particular concept or story that you wanted your audience to take away for themselves within your recent single, "Matadors?" The song itself references the inhumane sport of bullfighting and the fact that the cards are fully stacked against the bull but it still fights for its life and wellbeing while exuding power and nobility. I wanted the song to feel confrontational and combative but also evoke emotions of victory for those that might feel defeated with all that is going on in the world, especially concerning issues of systemic racism.

What was it like working with producer Mikey Beatz?

First off, I want to say that Mikey Beatz (a.k.a. Mykie tha Machinist) is a genius with his production and has the ability to float between genres but still give that authentic vibe. He puts soul and passion into everything he touches and has helped me elevate my game as a musician. That being said, “Matadors” is actually one of the three tracks on the mixtape that I produced on my own. Sonically I wanted the track to sound like fight music. I wanted there to be a tug-of-war / push and pull between that “nod your head” vibe and straight up wanting to “knock someone out in the club” vibe. How does "Matadors" fit into the overall concept and experience of your recent mixtape 'A Mixtape by Jōviky - Vol. 1?' The idea behind “A Mixtape by Jōviky – Vol. 1” was to share my creative path as an artist and also to put out a project that was a little more accessible. My last EP “91 Movement” was super personal and crafted from a fine art perspective and for my mixtape, I wanted people to see more sides of my personality from my comedic side too much more adult topics. One thing I didn’t realize until the mixtape was complete, was how much I discuss social issues on this project. I speak on homelessness, the pandemic, gun violence, racism, etc… and it wasn’t a conscious choice but it really alludes to what I was feeling at the time and how I processed those emotions through my music. What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music? I want my listeners to know that everything I do is from a place of wanting to inspire people. I hope to create experiences that make it easier to come to terms with complex emotions and the existential turmoil and anxiety that comes along with being human. In other words, it’s okay to dance and cry separately and sometimes at the same time. I’m trying to find the balance of creating and sharing music that is pure and from my soul with my passion for helping people to awaken their creative side and follow their soul’s true calling. I don’t know if that sounds corny but that’s really how I feel.



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