Jöhan Däwn Breaths a New Life Into R&B With Latest Single “Don’t Need You”

Jöhan Däwn is a Miami based artist whose music is all about ever so smooth vibes. Jöhan has performed throughout America and Asia and even finished his newest EP in Thailand. Recently Johan Dawn released his single “Don’t Need You” breaths a new life into R&B with its smooth and ethereal trap feel. Every element here comes together to create a sonically rich pallet that we can’t help but paint with while we are listening. Jöhan does not hold back for a moment in showing new ideas that are sure to start new trends. The lyrical storytelling of the good turning into the bad is perfectly executed along with a backing track that compliments every word and leaves space for them to breathe. There is a sense of space present here that makes us feel like we are up in the clouds, just rolling away in all of these interesting textures Johan presented to us.

Don’t Need You” is a fantastic blend of R&B and Trap, that keeps a little flair of magic to it that has us constantly hooked to hear what is happening next. We cannot wait for where Johan will transport us next in future releases.

Go check out "Don't Need You" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jöhan Däwn! We can’t get enough of the vibes you show in “Don’t Need You”! What was the inspiration behind your ethereal fusion of R&B and Trap?

Hey, thank you for having me! Well, the ethereal R&B vibe has always caught my ear and been a sound I love and relate to. I got the idea when I was in Thailand working on my upcoming project “Growth”. I heard a beat from one of my producer friends in LA ‘Davemakesnoises’. I was honestly looking for a fresher vibe like nothing you really hear today. I feel like the song speaks to pretty much anybody but especially those who give so much of themselves trying to makes others happy at the expense of their own happiness. I guess I can say I’m the voice for those people in this record. I feel like as artists we’re always trying to express ourselves and how we feel. At the time I made this record I feel like I was making a statement to all those people in my life that ever rejected me especially toxic women. 

The storytelling you have going on about the good turning into the bad is one that a lot will be able to relate to, how do you relate with the lyrics? What was the initial songwriting behind them?

Well, a lot of times we can think we have a good thing that eventually turns into something that’s unhealthy for us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s ok that we make these mistakes it’s just about recognizing it early and figuring out if the relationship is helping you grow or draining you. 

When you’re creating a new tune, what elements do you find yourself starting with first? Do you get inspired by a beat or does the beat get inspired by the lyric? How do you come to the lyric performances?

The element I start with first when creating a new record is feeling. How do I feel and what do I want the audience to feel? Once I answer those usually the melody comes first and then lyrics. It’s funny because I’m a producer and an artist so I usually start with making the beat and creating the vibe. I usually almost always get inspired by the beat first though. There are times when I’ll hear the whole song in my head and I’ll have to hurry and get all the ideas down before they evade me.

It’s really exciting to hear that you went to Thailand to finish up an EP, not a lot of people can say that! Why did you make that choice to go there? What was that experience like?

Well, I first came to Thailand in 2015 to live and play in a band for a year. I played bass guitar and was a singer. I was blown away by the culture and the energy. I thrive on good energy when creating records and Thailand is full of it. From the people to the food to the culture and language. They call Thailand the land of smiles because Thais are for the most part very loving and hospitable. It’s a place I go to back and forth to get reinspired and get my creative juices flowing. I ended up going there and staying for 3 months before the coronavirus pandemic happened and finished up my EP.