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J Merlin Continues To Cement His Artistic Legacy On “Been Bad”

The talented producer shows his natural talent for recording on this exciting new release.

Deep in the vibrant beating heart of London, dynamic artist J Merlin has been steadily carving a niche for himself off the back of his musical prowess and unquestionable work ethic.

With his natural ear for catchy hooks and bars and his determination to make his dreams happen, this talented MC’s potential has been simmering, ready to explode at any opportunity. Drawing inspiration heavily from his city and life experiences is all you’ll get from this talented artist, so buckle up; you’re in for a wild ride.

Drawing influence from the wildly successful and transformative journey of Kanye West - a producer turned artist, J Merlin began his musical journey in 2019, also as a producer. Like West, Merlin would later find his other calling, realizing just this year that he was just as skilled on the mic and taking the plunge into recording.

Surrounded by friends entrenched in the UK Rap scene, J Merlin quickly found his feet and excelled, releasing heaters like “Truth” and “Frequency” to widespread popular reception. Having recently secured his music studio, it’s clear that J Merlin remains one of the most committed artists in the game, and the hustle is starting to pay off.

“Been Bad” serves as both a tantalizing taste of the fresh sound and approach Merlin brings to the studio and also a strong standalone release in its own right. The minimalistic instrumentals set the stage for Merlin himself to shine.

There’s something about Merlin’s soft delivery that almost conceals the simmering ambition beneath but as lines like “You know my heart so cold like December” and “Yea I been bad, I can turn a church girl into a baddie” show, don’t get it twisted; Merlin is still ice-cold. UK Rap is here to stay, and J Merlin is all for it.

As J Merlin continues to weave his dreams into beats, “Been Bad” shows why fans of UK Rap should have this talented MC on their radar. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream J Merlin’s latest release, “Been Bad,” on all majour streaming platforms.


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