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J-Minu$ Takes It, "Day by Day"

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, J-Minu$ is a true hustler in every sense of the word. With an early attachment to music at a young age, J-Minu$ began recording and writing music at 16.

Priding himself on his hard work and dedication towards his craft, J-Minu$ has been recording music out of his family’s food truck while juggling a full-time job and various side hustles since 2016.

J-Minu$ brings a unique cinematic sound to the industry with his approach to Bedroom Pop and Hyperpop. He takes on musical influences from the Punk Wave of the ’80s along with modern superstars such as Juice World, All American Rejects, and Michael Jackson, to name a few.

Commencing his most recent single, “Day by Day,” with an upbeat rhythmic swing of mind-blowing energy, J-Minu$ delivers an enthusiastic approach that oozes with a bubblegum bassline to accompany his invigorating vocal structure. Pushing the envelope of cross-sectioning conventional musical creations, the sounds that J-Minu$ offer up to listeners carry underground elements of thought-provoking talent.

His artistic versatility allows him to remain loveable to numerous fans, as he remains unified with his charismatic integrity. Exhilarating tones of playfulness shine brightly through the lyrical motifs that J-Minu$ presents as he reinforces his mesmerizing hook with complete pride. How he incorporates components from the new wave of Hip-hop that is taking over leaves us starry-eyed and wanting to take in everything that is J-Minu$.

He encapsulates alluring fusion with the smooth vocalization that he takes on to perform his carefully crafted lyrics. There is no denying that the melodic bliss he brings forth with themes of heartbreak takes an up-tempo seat in the musical ship that he steers.

This type of unapologetic swagger isn’t easy to embody, but J-Minu$ does it rather well. Pulling listeners in with a pep in his step, we see no signs of slowing down for this artist on the up and up.

Congratulations on your release of, “Day by Day.” Taking such a somber theme and turning it into an energy-fueled bop is something that we can get behind! What encouraged your musical approach to the creation of, “Day by Day?" I think I have to fully credit one of my producer Michael Warren who I work closely with for bringing the energetic approach to this one. When I recorded day by day, it was after dealing with some really personal troubles in my life. At the same time, I had some great news come to me regarding my music so although I had a lot to get off my chest, I couldn’t help but look forward to what tomorrow had to bring. I think it really just captures how powerful it can be receiving some good news after a shit day or shit week. Is there a particular moment or story that shaped the lyrical content that you release in this single? Yeah I mean, a lot of reflection went into the lyrics on this one; specifically how some things naturally distance themselves when in pursuit of dreams. To reference back to how I was feeling when making this song it was totally reflective of my feelings at that moment. I looked at the future of what was to come with my music career and it made me think about what was hurting me at that time, and how I could move past it. In the last two years, you’ve released over 70 tracks on streaming platforms. That is no easy feat for any artist. What’s your secret to consistency? I think what keeps me so motivated to create new music for my audience, is knowing that there’s someone listening, and that’s always been the motivation. I really want my music to be something that resonates with people and I’ve made a tough decision to be more curated with what I release now and provide my absolute best work, starting with this new song ‘day by day’ With your music career taking off in a major way, what has been your proudest moment to date? By far my team, the people around me push me to be better and work harder, and honestly if there is anything I could brag about it's about having such a talented group of people around me to push me to grow every single day.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music? I just hope that you listen to my music and it makes you want to talk about it with your friends and is something you’re impressed by. I make music for people to enjoy, I don’t really care about breaking the charts or being number one, but I just want you to feel what I’m feeling with each song I put out, and I hope this new single “day by day” is just what you’re looking for with regards to that.



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