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J. Morgan Expands on Patience With His Single and Music Video, "Flowers"

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the prolific rapper and rhyme slinger J. Morgan returns to BuzzMusic with his wise-worded single and introspective music video entitled "Flowers."

We've been honored to feature the stylings of J. Morgan on several occasions, and we're continuously enamored with his passionate delivery and informative bars. Always one to match the vibe of his songs with cinematic videos, J. Morgan offers creativity that's anything but average.

Produced by Stife, J. Morgan's latest single, "Flowers," takes on a more meaningful and thoughtful lyrical concept. The sonics are incredibly versatile, offering organic piano and string elements while pushing synthetic and heavy drum breaks. Continuing the reflective theme for his music video, we're excited for our readers to dive into the works of J. Morgan once again.

As we hit play on, "Flowers," Stife's melodic and downtempo production opens the song through tender piano melodies and crisp drum breaks. Listening to J. Morgan's bars, he brings us into a modern-day story of change through rhymes like, "everyday life is changing, shopping for the memories that are worth saving." Not to mention the somber background strings, the song offers vast inspiration for any listener.

Expanding on J. Morgan's music video for "Flowers," the visuals open with shots of Morgan planting flowers and waiting for them to grow. While he leans back on a tree and sits with a shovel by his side, J. Morgan later lies within his planted flowers and raps of needed change. From scenes of a junkyard to open fields, the video comes to an end with edits of 6ft flowers sprouting behind J. Morgan, emphasizing that good things take time.

Treat yourself with "Flowers" through J. Morgan's latest single and music video, available to watch on YouTube.

It's great to have you back, and we're eager to dive into the creation of your single/music video, "Flowers." First off, what inspired you to create a song that touches on change and patience?

Finding out that I was having a daughter along with the past year of the COVID-19 shutdowns. I think seeing so much negativity brought in by the pandemic along with finding out that I’m going to be a father really put things into perspective for me and set the environment for Flowers.

Did producer Stife pre-make the beat for "Flowers"? What drew you to his production stylings for this single?

They made the beat with me in mind for a project they’re going to put together with various artists. We had set up a session for me to come in and work on a song for their project and we came up with Flowers. The beat was right in my pocket and I think both John and Jeff (Stife) knew it was perfect for me. I wrote fairly quick, maybe 30 minutes of writing and then we came up with the hook and structure.

We've heard that you self-write/produce your music videos. How did you create the video's concept for "Flowers" to emphasize the song's message?

The opening line “Give me my flowers when I can smell them...” is what inspired the visual concept for the video. The flowers that I plant at the beginning of the video eventually grow into giant “larger than life” flowers which are supposed to represent the growth and change that we all go through.

What was the shoot like for your music video "Flowers"? Was it only you and the videographer during this process?

We shot this on the Stife recording studio property. Part of the property was burned down last year so some of the soil still had ash from the fire. It was just me and a video crew of 2 people.

What would you like new listeners and fans to know about the music that you create?

My music is meant to be relatable and real. It’s a window into who I am as a person and what I truly believe in. I’ve worked very hard on my craft and if you listen to my catalog you can hear the growth throughout the years. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and every year I change and mature and so does my music!



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