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Jackie June Speaks her Truth with New Single, “Can’t Quit You”

Hailing from New Jersey, singer and songwriter Jackie June has just released her heartfelt single called “Can’t Quit You.”

After spending the majority of her life suppressing her true passion for music, truth is of the utmost importance to Jackie when it comes to her lyrics. Her experience of apprehension and insecurity has allowed her to grow into the confident and influential artist she is today.

Through her songs, Jackie June now inspires others to be the most authentic versions of themselves. Her most recent release, “Can’t Quit You,” explores her life-long journey to self-actualization. Through her lyrics, Jackie shows fans what her relationship with music truly is – and why she cannot quit it. With delicate piano chords to introduce “Can’t Quit You,” Jackie June sets a graceful mood for her song. She joins in with her vocals and displays her powerful voice and impressive range early on. As her vocal passion begins to grow, so does the instrumental soundscape. The beat has flavors of jazz and consists mainly of soft taps of a high hat and cymbal. Soon, the piano melody becomes more vital as the background ‘oohs and ahs’ add depth to Jackie’s voice. After the first chorus of “Can’t Quit You,” the energy level leaps. Hand clapping is added to the percussion set, and the soundscape becomes more and more flavourful.

Throughout “Can’t Quit You,” Jackie June does a great job keeping the energy level dynamic and effortlessly flowing through its ups and downs. On top of her musical, emotional rollercoaster, Jackie is sure to pull on some heartstrings with her songwriting. She is always sure to speak her truth through her music – the good and the bad – which allows fans to feel comfortable living their own truths. Jackie June is sure to touch your heart with “Can’t Quit You.”

Hey Jackie, welcome to BuzzMusic. Could you speak more about the lyrics behind “Can’t Quit You?” 

Sure! The lyrics are about not being able to quit something you love, no matter how hard or difficult it gets. For me, the song is about music, but I like to think the lyrics are general enough that anyone can really find a way to relate! One of your main goals with your songwriting is to always speak your truth.

Can you tell us a bit about how you incorporate this into your music? What is your inspiration behind your lyrics?

I think it's important as a songwriter to write about what you know. At least, for me. All of my songs are about personal experiences or feelings that I hope others can connect with. Music is obviously fun and entertaining, but for me, it has also always been about connection and even healing.

Many of your songs from your original EP “Wildflower” highlight messages of self-love and self-actualization. How has your music evolved since this release?

My EP "Wildflower" was the first collection of music I ever put out. I had a lot to say that had never been articulated, especially in the form of music. I think it was also a way of introducing who I am as a person and artist, writing about my own journey to self-acceptance, and sharing that it's ok to be you. I still struggle with this, but writing and releasing those songs has been extremely cathartic. Since then, I've released 2 singles - "On the Move" and "Can't Quit You". I would say there is definitely an evolution stylistically, but I think my overall message is still pretty similar. I think I will always want to write about personal experience, growth, and triumphing against your own demons. 

You have had the chance to open for and collaborate with a variety of successful artists. How have these experiences inspired you as an artist?

Thanks so much! It's always an incredible honor to have anyone want to collaborate with you and I've been lucky to collaborate with some amazingly talented musicians. I am still a relatively new songwriter, so I have found that collaboration is the best way for me to learn, grow, and develop myself as an artist. I try to work with people that know more than I do so I can be better. It's like that saying, you never want to be the smartest person in the room, ya know? As far as people I have opened for, ya, it's been pretty cool! Getting to experience being in front of a larger audience and truly seeing what life COULD be like for you down the road is overwhelming and inspiring. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Oh man, great question. This year has definitely had a plethora of highs and lows. I think that's really been the case for everyone. To be honest, it's been hard to stay inspired. There were weeks where I didn't go to my piano. I felt like, "what's the point?". But then I realized that music is something that will never go away, even if live shows do. I still want to create and grow as an artist. I've been working hard on my piano skills and have even been writing some new tunes. It's pretty exciting! 



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