Jackman Jones Releases New Song And Music Video “Put The Needle On The Record”

Jackman Jones, formerly known as Mista T Dot has been rocking dance floors and bringing the music to the masses for more than eight years. With over 40 mixes, several remixes, several club events and mobile gigs under his belt. Jackman Jones is no stranger to pleasing a crowd! His song release “Put The Needle On The Record” exemplifies his niche in music; soulful house, deep house, tech house and simply just house. The rhythmic notation with the drum kicks, cymbals and synthesized bass lines will be sure to get your body moving! The funky techno sound that can be influenced by the disco culture way back, is a representation of everything we would want at a party! I like the repetitive non-singing vocals of “Put The Needle on The Record” not only is it constantly reminding you of the title of the song, it becomes embedded in our memory where we would probably be saying it to ourselves over and over again. For me, this song paints an entire club scene in my head. That’s the way house music should make you feel. In my opinion, It should be able to musically abduct you into a sensational dance world that you’d want to revisit and return! Check out “Put The Needle on The Record” and connect Jackman Jones on social media!

Check out Jackman Jones new song "Put The Needle On The Record" - along with his brand new music video for his new song released on November 9!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jackman Jones. I've been a DJ for almost 9 year and a producer for 6 years. I'm based in Toronto, ON, Canada. I've been a lover of music all my life. I started DJing when I was in my late 30s as part of a new years resolution. I used to be known as Mista T Dot for almost 8 years and last January I decided to change my name to Jackman Jones to reflect the direction I'm going. I currently have a weekly house music podcast on housemusicradio.ca every Sunday night from 9pm to 10pm and I currently have 6 tracks out, 3 under Mista T Dot and 3 under Jackman Jones, including my latest one, Put The Needle On The Record as well as a few remixes under the Mista T Dot name. I also do a monthly event at Waylabar in Toronto with my partner, Melanie Sutherland, called Girl I'll House You and our goal is to reintroduce house to people who forgot it existed or don't know it existed and to create a safe and fun environment with great energy and positive vibes. One of my greatest and most fun achievement was working with Melotika on her first EP Unaware. I did all of the music for the EP. We were a duo but we decided to mutually part ways as I was tied up in other projects and I will be working with her again in the future.

How did you discover your love and interest for house music?

I discovered it in the early 90s. The first track I heard was Good Life by Inner City. It was the fun vibe, the beat, the piano chords and the lyrics that got my attention. House music is the most positive music I know and brings people together from all walks of life. 

When did you start honing into your craft?

I started dabbing into production in late 2012. I started doing bootleg rnb club banger remixes in 2015 then in 2017 I really got serious and released my first major track called I Want It ft Apryll Aileen in late 2017, along with my first music video of the track.

What’s your favorite element about house music?

It's mainly the beat accompanied by a really groovy baseline but like I said, it's the positive vibe that gets me going. Even folk music, which also has positive vibes, doesn't come close.

Love the new song! Can you tell us a bit about it?

It was originally supposed to be a deep house song. I played with the bassline a bit and as I was looking for a song title, I was thinking of my younger days when every Sunday night, my parents would put on a record and we would all would sing and dance to it, hence the title "Put The Needle On The Record". It eventually became a house track and sometimes when you're trying to find the right groove for the song, you end up discovering something else that is just as good or better than the original idea.

Knowing that you’re also capable of DJing other genres of music besides House, what would typically be your second favorite?

Well this isn't a second favorite but I'm an old school hip hop and R&B head. Two of my favorites are 90s R&B slow jams and New Jack Swing. I also like some 80s rock and pop. Not really into the current top 40 and so called hip hop and R&B.

What can we expect from you in 2019?

I plan to release two major tracks in 2019, one called Bounce to This with spoken word artist Chris Hercules and and the other is my first ever house track titiled "Lifting Me Higher", that I am revamping and I will be working with Dana Ben David, a talened singer/songwriter who just released her track called Signs - check out the video on YouTube. I also plan to do videos on both tracks. Also I'll be working with R&B artist Jade Siress on three tracks. I also plan on doing more house gigs in 2019 and I plan to release two more tracks and do more collaborations. 

Connect with Jackman Jones on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackmanjones2018/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackman2018 Instagram: www.instagram.com/jackmanjones2018/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jackmanjones2018 #BuzzMusic