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Jacob Chacko Prepares Us For Good Times In, “Good Moment”

After a 20-year hiatus from the music scene, psychedelic rock recording artist and singer-songwriter Jacob Chacko returns with his debut single, "Good Moment."

Hailing from New Milford, New Jersey, Chacko felt inclined to release music again thanks to inspiration from friends, family, and different musical influences. There's no doubt that listeners will adore Chacko's refreshing, lively, and feel-good tunes, especially as he continues to come out on top despite the world's state of turmoil and chaos.

Jacob Chacko recently released his debut single, "Good Moment," from his forthcoming debut album, 'Better Now Than Never.' That's exactly the right attitude we hope to see in more artists, especially those looking to get back into the swing of music creation. The new song is bright, anthemic, and speaks to living in the moment and relishing the good times.

"It is a simple chill tune intended to brighten someone's day," says Chacko.

Expanding on "Good Moment," this sweet single begins with the brightest instrumentals that groove through our speakers with no end in sight. Jacob Chacko's warm and honey-drenched rock vocals join the party alongside his rhythmic and soulful instrumentals. He instantly brightens the experience with picturesque lyrics about living in the moment and owning your happiness.

This song is a true earworm, and Jacob Chacko's undeniable musical talent is bound to have you elevating to cloud 9. We also adore the optimistic feel he brings in this piece; needless to say that we need these kinds of uplifting and upbeat singles nowadays. As he adds extra flairs of psychedelia through buzzy synths, Chacko takes us to the sweet outro without a care in the world.

Allow Jacob Chacko's new single "Good Moment" to be your soundtrack for the summer, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jacob Chacko. We truly appreciate such an uplifting and feel-good tune like "Good Moment." Why did you want this piece to lead the way for your new discography?

Thank you for having me BuzzMusic. I just felt this was the right time for me and the general environment (pandemic era) to have a little feel-good, chill song that can inspire. Wanted to kick-start the campaign with a good, easy to sing along tune, with a bit of a spring/summer feel to it.

What inspired you to write about being optimistic and living in the moment for "Good Moment?"

It was composed during the height of the pandemic, everybody was stuck at home (limited mobility), wanting something good and positive to look forward to.

On a more personal note, what inspired you to get back into the music scene after a 20-year hiatus?

I just knew within me I had still something to offer in music. For the most part, I did cover tunes before, I just wanted to challenge myself to come out with decent and presentable original music within a relatively short period (6 months or so).

Considering "Good Moment" is quite the optimistic tune, should we expect more like this on your upcoming debut album, 'Better Now Than Never?'

Absolutely, the next single "Dream," which was just released on May 15th2022, is about possibilities and perseverance which starts within us. Please check out: Spotify and Youtube.

What's next for you?

Hope to release a few more singles this year and probably start on some newer material towards the end of the year. With a lot on the plate, I hope to get some even stronger material than before; all hype. For music downloads (Album and Singles) and merchandise click here.


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