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Jacob Giaimo’s Single “Before Long” Is a Sonic Warm Embrace

From Orlando, Florida, singer-songwriter and alternative rock recording artist Jacob Giaimo dives into sweet-sounding introspection with his radiant new single, "Before Long."

Jacob Giaimo has been hard at the studio, pumping out hits that listeners are destined to relate with. He's become a melodic and lyrical force in the alternative world, known for writing catchy tracks with clever concepts that act as his and the listener's musical therapy sessions. Giaimo is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album, Sleep Talking, set to hit streaming platforms on December 16.

Recorded and produced at Opus Recording Studio in North Hollywood, Jacob Giaimo's new single, "Before Long," examines how he tends to opt for quick fixes rather than working through obstacles thoroughly. It's a stunning single that acknowledges his strengths and emphasizes accepting his weaknesses while remaining honest with himself in the catchiest way.

Jacob Giaimo attests that "Before Long" is the most he's ever enjoyed a song of his. And that reason is self-explanatory. This lush and vibrant tune packs all the feel-good alternative rock vibes with Giaimo's slightly raspy and fluttery vocals that fill our speakers with a joyous nature. Although his lyrics are deeply introspective, a sense of acceptance and surrendering feels like a blanket of comfort.

The instrumentals gradually expand into this harmonious and lush alternative space as the song continues. In contrast, Jacob Giaimo continues feeding us the utmost personal and relatable lyrics of accepting yourself entirely. It's an inspirational and uplifting new song with melodies that will linger in your mind for hours.

Feel-good songs don't always have to be about your strengths. Let Jacob Giaimo show you the ropes of self-acceptance in his dazzling new single, "Before Long," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jacob Giaimo. We deeply admire the self-accepting concept behind your lush new single, "Before Long." What moments inspired you to create this personal tune?

The inspiration came from a breakup that I'd had. It just led me to analyze what went wrong and what I could've done better. "Why is it that you deal with certain things in a certain way?" That was the main question I asked myself when writing this, and it allowed me to understand better what I can do when dealing with uncomfortable situations in the future. I realize that's a vague answer, but it's as clear as possible.

You mentioned that "Before Long" was the most you've ever enjoyed a song of yours. Why is that so? What makes this song different from your other singles?

I enjoy it the most mainly because it is very honest and reflects my ever-growing understanding and skill for songwriting.

Why do you think creating "Before Long" was so easy? What did you enjoy most about that process?

The writing was easy for me because it was almost as if it was just waiting to be written. You get that sometimes, you catch a wave at the perfect moment when writing songs.

Considering "Before Long" is one of your most personal songs, is it also one of your most relatable songs? What do you want the listener to experience when hearing it?

It is relatable because we all struggle with difficult moments in relationships. That's why they're difficult. More than ever, it's been really important for me to embrace both my strengths and my weaknesses. In the past, if I were called out for doing something wrong, I always felt my ego being damaged. I'm trying to get to a place where I'm not so sensitive to criticism, and I have learned to accept and learn from it.


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