Jade And The Foxtones Bring The Vibe With New Song "Hummingbird"

Established in 2014, Jade and the Foxtones is a native Austenite, six piece Neo-soul/R&B band originally birthed from a two-person jam session into a full blown band with brass, strings and vocal pyrotechnics, producing eclectically soulful and distinctively groovy sound guaranteed to make you move! Their new song “Hummingbird” is a product of example. First, let’s start with the instrumental portion of this outgoing profound tune. Each instrument plays a major role in the production of this song.

Ranging from the beautiful sound of the Violin and trumpet to the smashing drummer, each musician individual conduction of their instruments helped Hummingbird come to life! The violin has this canorous sound that’s exquisite and prepossessing - later having a solo where we can hear this decorative tune be played in a stylish way, the violin adds that sweet like candy element to the song while the trumpet undergoes this passionate and soulful characteristic that makes everything more foxy! The hard-hitting different combinations the drummer uses to create this danceable affect makes the instrumental portion a solid supporting background for the vocalist! Jade, the lead singer has this utterly soulful voice with correct resonance and vocal control, Jade carries every note from start to finish while not having to add any pressure to her natural warm tone! Supported by her background vocals who has the most sugary and sweet voice, the vocals gives “Hummingbird” its name. The songwriting and lyricism holds an important message for people to hear with positive motivation and empowerment to top it all off! The uncut talent is everywhere and this band delivers it to us in the grooviest way possible!

Check out our exclusive interview with Jade and the Foxtones below!

Mind telling our readers how Jade and the Foxtones met?

Oh yeah! Tyler (keys) and I met in 2012 doing theater together. The next year, we worked together on some new arrangements for a “Shakespeare in the park” production, and we just clicked. The first cover song we put together was Badu’s Tyrone, which put everything into motion, and around the same time I showed Tyler “Hummingbird” (on an out of tune guitar with my mad plucking skills!), and that became our first original. We put together a band to play some 20s and 30s style music for a birthday party show for Lindsay (now our backup vocalist), and it was such a blast we decided to make this a thing. We brought on Charlie (strings), who Tyler had played theater gigs with, and then Garret (horns and bass) and Lindsay. Stevie was the last to join, we actually had a wonderful drummer (Hi Justin!) who played with us for a year before moving to Denver. We played a lot of live burlesque shows at first, with the Jigglewatts troupe, and eventually started recording and playing the Austin live music scene. Long story short: we are just a bunch of nerdy musical and theatre kids who wanted to start a band.

What do you guys think is special about the use of actual instrumentals rather than computerized sounds?

We are definitely part of the generation where computerized sounds are the norm, but actual instruments are timeless! Live instrumentation definitely carries a certain sense of nostalgia – the live strings, the brass, and the old-school bass, key and drum vibe. But at the same time the fact that we’re an “instrument-based” band opens up a massive space for originality through improvisation. We always find new sounds and grooves when play together as a group, because we’re responding to each other in real time. There’s something really special about that.

Who are your biggest CURRENT music influences?   

Man we all would have a different answer. I am all about Moonchild; Lindsay has had Marian Hill on repeat forever, and Garrett has been diggin’ the new Snarky puppy album, just to name a few.

Describe to our readers the type of music you create!

Good question, I think we ask that a lot ourselves. Funny story we started as a Jazz group, but then it just became something funkier but still holding to that old school vibes with a lovely hint of Jazz. One song can sound Motown and then we jump over to the 50’s R&B and then all the way to funk. We jump genres but we’d say neo-soul and funk. Personally I am all about space funk. I want this to be a thing , we will make it a thing :)

What’s the long-term goal for you guys?  

To forever push the boundaries and constantly challenge ourselves as artist. To continue to grow and learn and be open to ever the changing sound and evolving language that is music. Lastly to represent, it matters, it’s important for those to see people like them on stage kicking ass.

What’s next for Jade and the Foxtones?

EVERYTHING! Lol, we are dropping our first EP at the end of the year which is just crazy exciting and further pushing our online presence and, well, just introducing ourselves to world. It’s been a long time coming and we are ready.

Connect with Jade and the Foxtones on social media:

Instagram: @jadeandthefoxtones

Twitter: @Foxtonefam