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Jah Tells It All In Latest Track “Be My Boo”

Jah is a 17 year old upcoming RnB singer, born in Hackensack, NJ. He comes from several generations of musicians and entertainers, introduced to singing throughout his early years by his mother. After enduring several struggles including being homeless for a year, Jah decided to dedicate himself and all of his time to his talents and his life’s purpose of being an artist. Jahs music is a testament to his desire to bring love, understanding, and positivity to the world, and he plans to change and revolutionize the state of the planet by using his art to bring humanity together. Today Jah brings us the latest single “Be My Boo”! I can’t believe this voice is 17 years old! He has a very matured sound about him. This track gives me a true HipHop and RnB feel. Something that bridges a new school and old school tempo. It is really catchy too! I can still hear the chorus in my head. I am curious to know what the true backstory is behind this song. This artist has so many talents and you can hear them all within this track. I love the production choice. There is a sultry hum in this track with his voice that is soothing and really makes it easy to keep this track on repeat. Dope track man and looking forward to more hits from you!

Give a listen to "Be My Boo" on Spotify, and check out the artists interview below!

Hey Jah! Could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers? What was the reason that made you get into music?

Hey! My name is Jah, I’m a 17 year old aspiring RnB/ hip hop artist, from NJ but raised partially in Baltimore Maryland. I come from a family of performers and entertainers, so I have always been involved in the arts in some way. It’s in my blood. My mother was an rnb singer, and she introduced me to singing and my love of music. Music is genuinely an extension of who I am and what my purpose on this earth is. I have a spiritual connection with it. 

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Who do you want to collaborate with?

Some of my biggest inspirations are Smokey Robinson and Sam Cooke, as I am truly influenced by soul. However, my biggest influence and favorite artist of all time is Chance The Rapper. His music defines and also genuinely saved my life, and I attribute all of my accomplishments and happiness that I experience to the fact that his music saved me from losing my life in dark times. One of my main 3 goals in life is to collaborate with him, but other than him I’d really love to make a song with Jon Bellion or Daniel Caesar.

Where are some places you go to to get your creativity flowing?

I find myself most creative when I’m in bed and in a dark room. I feel most in tune with myself and my surroundings and it allows me to have complete access to my thoughts.

What is the story behind “Be My Boo”?

I originally wrote the song for this girl who I thought I really had feelings for, and I was gonna use the song as a way to ask her out. Literally right after I recorded the song the first time, me and the girl fell out and I realized that she wasn’t the one for me, but I felt the song had a message that could impact and resonate with others greatly, because everyone deserves to feel that strongly about another person. That’s what I want the song to mean to people. Even if it didn’t work out that way for me, as long as others can listen to the song and relate to it and maybe even get the courage to ask out their dream girl, it serves its purpose.

What can we expect to see or hear from you in the coming months?

This is just the first single. I have dedicated my entire existence to being a creative, so you can expect several more beautiful tracks just as great as this first one! I really want to get an ep out this year, and I will make sure that I continue to provide projects for the people who’d like to listen. I also have had a comic book in the works for a very long time, and I’ve projected the first issue at the very least to be available within the next few months. Ultimately, expect everything! I am going to make my name and my creations known everywhere! I hope that you stick along for this beautiful journey.


Check out Jah on Instagram and Twitter in order to keep up to date on the latest!


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