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Jahfeeil Is Groovin’ Through The Late Night In “Honey Cotton Candy”

The Houston-based singer and songwriter channels honey sweet, oozy goodness to bring you new music for late at night.

Jahfeei enjoys what he does. Los Angeles-born but Houston-raised, the charismatic singer and songwriter, combine smooth, wavy melodies with soft but enticing vocals to bring listeners catchy, immersive R&B vibes that are easy on your ears. R&B-focused but not one to be put into a box, Jahfeei’s distinctive approach to songwriting has gained him comparisons to artists as diverse as Prince, Bob Marley, and D’Angelo, among others.

A talented songwriter and equally gifted performer, Jahfeeil constantly strives to improve and master his craft. Expanding his musical range with the irresistibly groovy “Sorry” and “Honey Cotton Candy” proves that Jahfeeil’s sound is becoming increasingly personal, defined, and unique with every release.

However, as diverse as Jahfeeil’s sound is, that’s not to say that his music is devoid of similarities. Every good artist has something that separates and identifies their music from their peers. For Jahfeeil, the raw passion and emotion he channels and instills into his every word and sentence set him apart from his competition.

“Honey Cotton Candy” follows Jahfeeil’s established blueprint. Jahfeeil channels lust, desire, and affection to bring you a delicious R&B experience. When Jahfeeil spits lines like “Do it old school put / That Whip Cream Cherry on you,” you can hear the desire almost dripping from his voice, while lines like “You know I want your loving / I Know you want mines too” speak to pure affection and lend a certain warmth and familiarity to the vibe.

Jahfeeil’s “Honey Cotton Candy” is a delicious, irresistibly smooth vibe tailor-made to fit all your late-night playlist needs. When the sun goes down, and you find yourself up late, tap in and stream “Honey Cotton Candy,” available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jahfeeil. We loved “Honey Cotton Candy,” it seemed like such a perfect vibe for all our late-night playlist needs! We have to ask, can you take us through the creative process that went into making it?

Yeah, I just wanted to explore the freaky side of reality on how I feel about a special lady; in other words, you can mix freakiest with love if that makes sense.

What is the Jahfeeil origin story? What made you get into the music business, and when did you decide to go for it?

You know, I started very young Dame near all my family members on both sides of my family: musicians, singers and so on. In contrast, in the 5th grade, one of my uncles started a Gospel Quartet Group. He asked him to sing lead, and then a year later, I picked up the Guitar, and that truly was history, and I was like this is what I want to do forever.

What is one thing you’d like your fans to know about you?

Well, I'm just a laid-back, shy person. I've always been shy, but for some reason, once I get on stage, the shyness leave. Also, I try to be an honest person no matter what the deal is.

So you’ve gained some pretty diverse (and flattering) comparisons to well-known and respected artists. We wanted to ask, what is your vision for your music? What kind of message or feeling do you want fans to take away from your music?

The diversity in my music comes from not only listening to and growing up with all types of music. I want people to understand that you can't put me in a box as a musician. Genres of music don't matter to me; it's not what it sounds like. It's how it makes you feel.

What can fans expect to see from Jahfeeil in the new year? Are there any particular new songs or projects you want fans to watch?

Yes, yes, yes, most definitely right now. As we speak, I'm recording a new single with my band, free soul society; the song is titled just a friend; it's going to be a smash can't wait for you guys to hear it.


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