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Jahlisa Jade Gets Nostalgic on, "When I Was 17'

Previously known by the moniker Averto, Jahlisa Jade continues to garner major attention from media outlets and an ever-growing fan base with each release she puts into the world.

Intertwining elements of pop and electronic music, Jahlisa Jade has a knack for creating stunning melodies that transform your understanding of some of your favorite pop songs. Reflective of her work from her previous project ‘1304,’ we see how she begins to incorporate more innovative sounds as her music continues to mature through the work she puts in.

Foreshadowing the lengths she will continue to venture in her most recent single, “When I Was 17,” the rhythmically balanced spirit of this single has listeners tapped into a deep Lo-Fi/R&B ambiance. Staying true to her Pop roots, Jahlisa Jade cascades a striking vocal performance that fuses together a miscellany of show-stopping harmonies within the unblemished timbres conveyed. Laced in the instrumentation, the complexity of each element captures the glimmers of Electro-Pop as the electric synths play a huge role in shaping the virtuous soundscape.

Each melody shed has us disheveled with the unmatched talents Jahlisa Jade is known for. Jahlisa Jade hones in on a narrative that speaks into her life experiences when she was 17 and heavily doses us in thought-provoking lyrical motifs such as ‘I was only 17 I didn't know the world was different from the one that you built me the home that you made me.’

The listening experience that unravels as we take in “When I Was 17,” is vivacious from start to finish. Jahlisa Jade sparks a flame within us that has us feeling nostalgic in the best ways possible as she welcomes us into her own grippingly raw emotion. Exercising her ability to make a story life-like, the picturesque effervescence of Jahlisa Jade will reign supreme for time to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jahlisa Jade. Throwing it back to memories when you were 17 makes for a remarkable listening experience. What inspired you to write “When I Was 17?"

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you so much for having me! About two years ago, Zack, my producer, sent me beautiful guitars and for some reason, they immediately took me back to 2015. It was the year I moved away from home to study abroad in London. It brought back so many feelings and I knew that I had to write about it. It didn’t really fit our sound at the time, so we decided to put the guitars on hold for a while. When the time came for me to choose my first single as a solo artist, I knew it had to be this song. "When I was 17" allows me to introduce myself in an open and honest way.

How do you find that this song compares to the release of ‘1304?' Did you find any differences in the creative process at all?

My producer and I started our journey together as a duo. We loved working on our first EP, which was '1304,' but we knew we wanted to be more open and honest in the way we create. '1304' was almost like a coming of age, exploring the possibilities we had feeding off of each other’s creativity. Those were all songs we wrote during our time at our university. Since then we’ve both matured and we’ve gotten to know ourselves better. As a solo artist, I really get to be myself in my songs. They directly reflect real-life experiences.

What do you use as your musical and non-musical muse’s in the narratives that you paint with your lyrics?

I have always been an introvert, which sometimes made it difficult for me to be sociable or make friends. Now as a songwriter all I’m really trying to do is connect with people through my songs. So the single most important thing for me is honesty. I try to be as honest as possible when I’m writing so most inspiration comes from real-life experiences. Musically, I have always been a big fan of Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels, their songwriting always feels so real, which is what I try to achieve with my songs as well.

You mention that this release is foreshadowing what’s to come for you artistically. What do listeners have in store in terms of sounds and themes explored in imminent releases?

I think "when I was 17” perfectly sets the tone for the type of artist I try to be in terms of songwriting. Sonically I think they can expect chill pop music with extra seasoning.

What's next for you?

I am always writing songs and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. I hope to release more music this year and eventually, in the future, an album.



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