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Jai Has The Perfect Summer Hit "Vacation"

Southern charm and his Memphis roots, Artist Jai Musiq isn’t unfamiliar with the music scene, as he’s been around since 2015. Jai's charismatic and soulful upbringing in Memphis, TN creatively blends Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, & Blues into a one of a kind sound that is sure to captivate you through every listen. Let’s briefly take you down the timeline of Jai’s musical vocation. His debut project ,The JJEP, introduced a new Memphis sound, highlighting Jai's innovative stray away from the usual, while simultaneously staying true to the city that raised him. Subsequently, His sophomore project Dolan Drive Dreams emphasized Jai's resilience to get back to his true self, while paying homage to those who he draws inspiration from, such as Drake, J.Cole, and Kid Cudi, all of which who have heavily influenced Jai's artistry.

This is just the beginning of Jai Musiq and he’s ready to take things to the next level with his summer sounding hit titled ‘Vacation’. I have never anticipated a summer break the way my anticipation grew while listening to “Vacation”. The delightful, joyful, and upbeat beat brings a sense of fulfillment, excitement, and personality onto its listener. The charismatic and outgoing nature of the single has the perfect energy to get its listener feeling the music! Jai’s vocals were chilling! Especially when he took his voice into the unforgettable falsetto note. Piercing his listener with a striking high note! He then gives his listener a turn of events with his error less rap flow, showcasing a multifaceted skill to his artistry. The beat had the perfect bass to curate that trap/hip-hop sound while still caressing the surface with Rnb and pop elements. “Girl I know you need a va-cay, me and you need to get aw-ay” the hook was addicting, witty, and fun! “Vacation” is a vibrant single that puts emphasis on summer and I’m sure with the right promotion, and work-ethic, we could be hearing this record on the radio.

Listen to Vacation here and get to know more about Jai Musiq below!

With all the diverse musical influences you have, do you ever find any challenges in fusing together the different elements to create a unique sound?

I don't believe it to be a challenge. When I'm making music, the vibes that are created are based on how I'm feeling at that very moment. Despite the similar life experiences that people may share, no two people feel the exact same. No one feels like I do. Therefore, the unique sound comes from the unique perspective of me.

Tell us about “Vacation” and what inspired you to write it!

Vacation was inspired by my desire to be done with school honestly. I wrote it in February of my last semester at Morehouse. You can say I needed a vacation. I think everyone does. I believe that song and video represents that you can have a vacation anywhere. If you work a 9-5 job, the weekend is sort of like a vacation. If you had a bad day, spending time with your loved ones can be a vacation for the daily trials and tribulations we all face.

How did you create the perfect environment to write this?

I actually wrote this song sitting in my car in a parking garage outside a friend's apartment, as crazy as that sounds. I downloaded the beat to my phone a couple of days before and it came on shuffle in the car. Berkli Music, the producer, provided the necessary vibes that led to the creation of the chorus. I sent the voice memo to Cash Keldry, and he instantly responded and was willing to do the feature. I didn't end up writing my verse until we were on our way to the studio in Knoxville.

How does “Vacation” differentiate from your previous releases?

Vacation is different from the previous releases because it's more polished in comparison. I had only released one song since 2016 before releasing Vacation, and I've developed my sound a lot in those 2 years. Although I've always had confidence in my music, there's no denying how much better I sound.

What’s next for you Jai?

I'm releasing an EP on May 13 entitled "2405 to Infinity", and it's dedicated to the creative space that my friends and I shared while I was living in Atlanta. The house we recorded in caught fire a couple of weeks ago, and my friends were forced to find somewhere else to live. So, this EP is a celebration of the memories we created there and the legacy that will remain. I also have a few performances lined up in Memphis, and I have some visuals from the EP and previous releases dropping soon as well.


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