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Jake Justice Hits Us With Another Unforgettable Single With “Sunrise 2028”

Jake Justice has returned to us yet again with an amazing single! Starting out as a 3 year old piano prodigy is where he really gained his passion for music. He started a funk band in college and eventually graduated to producing electronic music. Not to mention this guy is the real deal, opening up for acts like Mike Posner and Afrojack! Finally making his festival debut at the Ultra Miami on the Oasis stage in March 2018, Jake Justice is ready to take over!

Yoooo! When I tell you this track is futuristic I mean it! I mean you can feel yourself getting sucked into this futuristic time warp. Something that sounds familiar but it is so different; so not this year. The track comes in heavy with introducing you to what you are getting yourself into. Almost like a video game if you will!. Then there is this crazy transition that gives you electronic, pop, alternative, and even a little trap... I mean I was blown away! All within the first 45 seconds! The track continues on taking you through this ride of all these feels and you immediately cannot help but to bounce along! If you're looking for a feel-good track to add to your new playlist, this is the one! We're looking forward to hearing the rest of this themed album by Jake Justice later this year.

Listen to "Sunrise 2028" here and get to know Jake Justice in our interview below!

As always, hey guys! Here today we have Jake Justice. Hey Jake how’s it going?

Better than ever!  I've spent the past several months locked away in the studio and I'm excited to finally share what I've been cooking up.

Let’s dive deeper into this new single “Sunrise 2028”. Can you tell us about the concept behind the album this single is on?

When I was a kid, I discovered my love for music from watching movies. I learned how to write music by listening to the Star Wars soundtracks over and over again and figuring out how to play them on the piano by ear. I think that my love for film music taught me how to write music based on a story, which is the essence of film scoring. In fact, I wanted to become a film composer until my twenties when I helped start a band and discovered my love for live performance. Soon enough, I discovering that producing and DJing was the perfect medium to create and perform the kind of music that I love. So after a few years of learning how to produce electronic music, I decided that in order to be my true artistic self, I needed to combine my love of electronic music with my film composing inclinations. Sunrise 2028 is the first song of a concept album, based on a story I created about where I feel like our society and culture is heading in the future.

The narrative takes place in the year 2028. We all live in a perfect and peaceful society, but there’s a catch - we are all controlled by social media algorithms that determine what we buy, who we vote for, who we love, and who we are. The algorithms are created by the ultimate conglomerate of all tech giants, Alphazon (the name is a combination of Amazon and Alphabet, the parent company of Google). The result is that all of humanity is effectively trapped in a simulation. Meanwhile, there is a movement of people known as “The Anomalies” who fight against Alphazon by helping people break the simulation through free thought.

What inspired this concept?

The concept was inspired by the events are going on today and where I think society is heading. Alphazon represents the result of all of the major corporations that seem to be merging and gaining power these days, and I believe that our free will already is under attack by corporate and political manipulations. Sunrise 2028 is about the struggle of breaking free from thought oppression, and discovering your individual identity and reconnecting with the natural collective consciousness with other free-thinking humans instead of the artificial collective consciousness under the control of social media algorithms.

I believe that we all go through a struggle of discovering our personal identities and trying to figure out where we fit in with the collective - Not too long ago, I went through this exact struggle - I was raised in a very religious home where my purpose and identity was essentially handed to me on a silver platter. As I grew up and began to have my own life experiences and study scripture and philosophy on my own, I began to question things, I could never really find any ideology that completely resonated with my values and beliefs. I was searching far and wide for the right “label” so to speak… and the answer that I discovered is that there is not a single ideological label that described my identity correctly. I think that once we attach ourselves to labels, we box ourselves into certain stereotypes and a certain way of thinking. Sunrise 2028 is about thinking for yourself and creating your own multilayered and unique identity.

Listening to the track you have so many great things going. Can you tell us what sound did you begin with for this single?

When I first started writing Sunrise 2028, I knew that I wanted it to sound like a movie. I wanted people to feel like they were in for a wild ride when they listened. I also knew that I wanted to incorporate elements of my classical/film music upbringing along with a sound palette of the future. I truly believe that if Mozart were alive today, he would be making music on a laptop, not a piano. All of the great composers always pushed the limits and created new musical trends for their era, and I wanted to do the same. So in order to evoke an epic cinematic feel, I used string, brass, and other orchestral sounds, and combined them with heavy bass, ethereal synth pads, and an uptempo beat.

When can we expect the album to drop?

I’m still perfecting the album, but I expect it to be finished this fall. We will be announcing the release date soon!


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