Jake’s Mistakes Shares His Christmas Wishlist With A Rock n Roll Delivery!

Jake Mistakes, the experimental Gothic Rock act from St. Louis Missouri would have you immensely drawn to their dark, whimsical, and unique style. They released their single “Hot Christmas”, coincidentally fitting for the festive holiday season amongst us, however it isn’t your typical and average delightful seasonal single. “Hot Christmas” begins with a badass electric guitar string and drum kick creating an electrifying sound from the start. Jake’s mistakes allow us to enjoy this ear-piercing tune for about 30 seconds before the deep, conversational vocals comes in. The vocals aren’t the typical melodic resonance, it’s more aggressive, straight-forward, and colloquial but it’s what makes the song unique.

In my opinion, I believe the idiosyncratic voice and eerie lyrics really highlight the style of Jake’s mistakes and their single “Hot Christmas”. It’s the insubordinate rebellion holiday single where all you intractable and riotous music lovers can enjoy the chaos they deliver. Jake's mistakes started in Oct. with the release of the self-released "Re-Make Me EP" and shortly following that was his debut self-released LP "Opening Act". He has since then played countless shows in and around St. Louis and have played Road To Pointfest (a Battle of the Bands Competition put together by 105.7 The Point) and has played with acts such as Social Repose, Raven Black, and more. He’s no stranger to attracting a crowd and enticing their attention and he done it once again with “Hot Christmas”

Listen to "Hot Christmas" here and connect with Jake's Mistakes on social media below!

Facebook - www.facebook.com/JakesMistakes01

Instagram - www.instagram.com/jakesmistakes01