Jake White Releases A Poignant And Cathartic Sophomore Single, "Self Destruction."

Coming in from Ann Arbor, Michigan, singer-songwriter and pop/alternative r&b recording artist Jake White releases his poignant and cathartic sophomore single, "Self Destruction."

Although Jake White released his debut single "Unwanted" in November, he's become well versed in the music industry by featuring on electronic tracks and performing at the Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit for the Game of Thrones National Concert Tour with Ramin Djawadi.

Under the Grammy and Oscar balloted production company Sound Entertainment, Jake White released his latest single, "Self Destruction." The song is a powerful pop/alternative track that sings of someone in a self-destructive pattern where attention seems to be their emotional fuel. The song's chilling, smooth, and emotional production/instrumentals perfectly enhance Jake White's honest performance.

Taking a deeper listen to "Self Destruction," the song gently opens with a wave of emotion through delicate piano chords, a downtempo electronic drum break, and a mystical ghost vocal. As Jake White begins to worriedly sing about someone's materialistic ways and how they tend to follow life's vain characteristics, he transitions into the chilling second verse and gets personal. White continues to ask someone what they're trying to prove by impressing everyone but him.

White has truly mastered the art of clear, relatable, and vivid lyrical content, and this entire track is no exception. His cinematic sonics begin to build around the bridge where White belts his emotions with the utmost pain and strife. White's sole vocal post-bridge is incredibly clear and lush, leading us around the melodic and catchy hook one last time.

Don't miss out on Jake White's honest and emotional sophomore single, "Self Destruction," now available on all digital streaming platforms.