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JAKUB BYZIA Pours His Heart Out in the Emotional Ballad, "LOVING SOUL"

Elaborate singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist JAKUB BYZIA is here to present his gripping take on the expression of love. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, JAKUB BYZIA has already performed covers of the infamous Beatles on national television, estimated at having over 2.6 million viewers.

With no fear of openly expressing himself to the masses, JAKUB BYZIA has released the loving and inspiring single, "LOVING SOUL".

"LOVING SOUL" is full of affecting harmonies, ones that send goosebumps along the body and inspire some type of movement. "LOVING SOUL" embodies affection and JAKUB BYZIA arranges the lyricism in a beautiful and sentimental way. The narrative has harmony, drama, and ultimately character. JAKUB BYZIA has the artistic voice that was meant to tell narratives such as the one presented in "LOVING SOUL", as his vocal style is able to flourish beyond comparison.

It's hard not to fall in love with the very nature of JAKUB BYZIA- he's harmonic in many ways, and his soul seethes compassion and inclination. He's very amicable with the unravelment of his story and he sparks a genuine charisma that's infectious in its own pursuit. How can you not want to listen to such an artist?

"LOVING SOUL" is one impassioned serenade that gave us the chills and sent us in a spiral of anticipation for what JAKUB BYZIA will musically propose next. Tune into JAKUB BYZIA's heart, "LOVING SOUL" is available on streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JAKUB BYZIA. Your latest single release, "LOVING SOUL", was full of sincerity and admiration. What was the central inspiration for this particular single of yours?

Thank you for having me and for listening to my music! What inspired LOVING SOUL was someone very close to me, who also wrote this song's beautiful melody. The potential in that melody needed to wait a few more months before I finally assembled a worthy arrangement. Once I had the structure and the harmony, the lyrics were just a formality and she took the center stage. How were you hoping your listeners felt upon listening to "LOVING SOUL"? Was there a certain intention you had for listeners regarding this song?

What I hoped for listeners to observe is that delaying plans, dreams and hopes does not outright call for their cancellation. It's a temporary pause on the way to destination. It may end up being a new destination altogether. Things change but those closest to us remain, even in spirit. Your best friends are still your best friends. Your ideals might have shifted but we just call it growth. It's bittersweet but we are stronger than we realize. As an artist who articulates on love and writes incredibly intricately on the emotion, how would you personally describe the feeling of love?

Very interesting observation and a question I have never been asked before. Love to me comes from a place of comfort. It's something you cannot escape. You feel grounded thinking about a person you love. Depending on the circumstances, you might feel anxious too. It's all part of the spectacle. There is no love without commitment and love without compromise is just emotional imprisonment. Will your future music follow a similar suit to the lyrical style presented in "LOVING SOUL?"

"LOVING SOUL" is the first love song I've written. One of many reasons why it's so special to me. Those encapsulated feelings will always evoke the same emotions in me. As for my future music, it would follow a pattern of creating something that's not obvious at first glance, while staying clear of sounding convoluted. Finding that balance is tough. Coming back to my lyrics, rewriting, and rearranging them is part of the process. What's next for you?

That would be the music video for "LOVING SOUL." Moving forward, I will be finishing up my EP. You've already heard one song from the album and I invite you to listen to "BELOVED IN THE FAIRGROUND" as well! This year is shaping up to be extremely busy for me and I'm all for it.


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