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Jalen Cardell Delivers As A MC With A Hit Record, “April 18th”

Jalen Cardell is an artist who was born and raised in Detroit Michgan with a background in music and performance for over 8 years. Making it his mission to bring mental health awareness through his music, Detroit native Hip-Hop artist Jalen Cardell hopes that his listeners will be able to relate and understand that they are not alone.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Cardell states. “Hiding nothing from the world.” In his music, Jalen paints many moments of vulnerability—such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and self-worth. Through each experience, he finds it more freeing

Jalen Cardell is the epitome of classic hip-hop and rap. His single “April 18th” showed us strong lyricism and raw authenticity to Jalen that isn’t quite common in today’s rap world. He delivers thought-provoking and hard-hitting bars alongside lyrics that discusses internal messages he wants the world to hear. Jalen Cardell is more than just a rapper but he’s also an MC who knows how to spit. Not many rappers nowadays can be considered MC’s due to their lack of lyric substance, and delivery. However, the flow of Jalen is absolutely insane. He oscillates the listener into an unforgettable rap vibration, taking you through different tunnel-ways of dimensions and messages. “April 18th” was a refreshingly nice hit, from a young promising rapper, who can serve as the voice of the youth.

Listen to “April 18th” here and get to know more about Jalen Cardell below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Jalen! How was it growing up in Detroit for you?

As a kid I witnessed a lot early. Only thing I could say about it is it made me who I am a lot of us don’t make it out but growing up I made it important to stick to my lane. Watch and observe.

Have your growing environment impacted your artistry today?

It gave me a lot to talk about. Every experience good or bad I’m grateful for. Artistry is really all about your perspective This is how I chose to deal with my reality

What’s the most challenging aspect in writing the perfect song so to say?

The most challenging part would be channeling a topic. Creating a situation out of it and applying it in a way that would catch any audience.

“April 18th” was a dope record. Would you mind detailing the meaning behind it for our readers?

At this point in my life I was facing a lot of quick changes from new experiences to new people and balancing out the challenges of life. I’d just turned 25 and I was coping with the internal and external problems of growing up and becoming who I really want to be. It’s about confidence and self worth. Every struggle and triumph you Face are the building blocks for your own foundation

I’m making sure mine is solid

How does “April 18th” fit in with the major theme behind the album?

April 18th is my birthday at this time it was important for me to remember where I came from in order to see where I’m going.

What’s next for you Jalen?






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