JAMÓNS Spin a Tall Tale of a Long Legged Beauty Named "Mommy Long Legs"

JAMÓNS is a powerhouse rock and roll group that always brings energy to the table. Based in Los Angeles, JAMÓNS is made up of longtime friends, Brandt Shandera, Chris Glaab, Nicholas Romero, and Kennedy who have come together to create a sound so fun and so bold, it could only be from California. Drawing their influences from genres such as rock and roll, punk, blues, garage and ska, JAMÓNS combines their masterful instrumentation with playful lyrics. Their new single "Mommy Long Legs" is no exception.

Laid over their rock and roll fusion beat, JAMÓNS tells the story of a beautiful woman with legs for days, that is so greedy for material things that she’s likened to a spider. You can hear the band's influences placed subtly throughout the track, elements of each genre are placed perfectly to blend the song, rather than segregate it. Even the energy that the band has become famous for while performing, is traceable in this recording. As "Mommy Long Legs" plays and the chorus swings around, all you want to do is dance wildly and never stop. We can only imagine what their live show feels like. In fact, every layer of this song from conception to production is pristine. "Mommy Long Legs" is fun and the instruments are played masterfully. I’m sure you’ll love the song just as much as the band loves playing it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic JAMÓNS and thank you for being here! Your single "Mommy Long Legs" is a treat. You guys bring back real instrumentalism and classic genres in a world that seems to have left that behind. What first inspired you guys to begin making your music?

Thank you, that’s very kind! We started as a teenage ska-punk band in the 1990s, and we reunited to play some shows in 2018. We’ve all remained friends, and we have a blast playing, so it just made sense to get back into making new music together. We’ve expanded the palette a bit, with our diverse influences and interests.

The story of "Mommy Long Legs" is a pleasure to listen to. What inspired you to write this song?

Kennedy’s mother is quite tall, and she’s almost entirely legs. We kid. But honestly, Kennedy has a wonderful ex-girlfriend who inspired much of the imagery.

The production on "Mommy Long Legs" is supreme. The genres you guys draw inspiration from are all present, but in subtle ways that blend the song together instead of pulling it apart. What was your production process like for this song?

Thanks! Kennedy recorded this on his laptop, in our rehearsal studio, and in his bedroom. We used mobile recording equipment that Kennedy was beta testing for another project which he recorded in Iraq.

You are known for your energetic and inspiring live performances that are described as, “a slam-bang rock and roll party.” What emotions do you feel before and during your performances?

At first, it’s nervousness and insecurity, but once we start slamming and banging, and the bodies in the room start grooving, everything just melts into a wild river of euphoria.

What can we expect to see from JAMÓNS throughout 2020?

We’re releasing two more singles over the next few weeks, and then we’ll be working on more new material. We’ll also have some exciting live shows coming up this year. (Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Spotify!)  Also, our sax player has a new tooth.