Jam Out With Kids That Fly In Catchy Single “It’s True”

Kids That Fly is an alternative pop band that formed out of the University of Connecticut in the fall of 2018. Known for their engaging and energetic live performances, Kids That Fly gained popularity on campus and things only took off from there. The four-piece act never fails to draw in a crowd with their tastefully catchy songs, along with the euphoric energy they give off during their shows. 

Kids That Fly’s debut EP “Lovesick” was released on April 5th, 2019, and earned more than 20k streams since then. The six-track project includes the hit single “It’s True”.  Kids That Fly’s music is heavily influenced by contemporary alternative rock, citing acts such as The 1975, Hippo Campus, and The Black Keys as some of their main influences. Pulling inspiration from their notable influences, Kids That Fly create an alternative pop sound like no other. Toe-tapping melodies and catchy guitar riffs layered with warm vocals that make you feel right at home. Kid That Fly come with a sound that makes the listener feel comfortable and welcome. They make music that allows their fans to connect with them, this is what makes a good artist. Kids That Fly have big things coming, stay on the lookout for what they deliver next. 

I highly recommend you check out “It’s True” and the entire EP here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing and explaining everyone's role within Kids That Fly?

Hi! This is Nick Smeriglio, the singer and guitarist of Kids That Fly. Other members include Jacob Stockman who plays the drums, Blake Henry who plays lead guitar, and Braden Frandino who plays bass.

Can you explain your stage name?

Nick: Having always been a fan of the idea of flight whether it be vintage fighter planes, or Cold War jets, and having already been in a band with the flight theme attached to it (Flight Crew on Spotify and Apple Music), Jacob and I thought it would be fitting to stick with it. We were paying homage to our roots with our hometown band, where we really started as musicians.

What’s “It’s True” about? What inspired this track?

Nick: “It’s True” was inspired by a strong feeling of anxiety and confusion. It’s about finding clarity in your own thoughts, and learning to put your energy towards things that matter in life. It was written to help me make sense of a confusing time in my life where I started looking at the things I was spending my time doing and thinking “where is this going to get me in life?” I didn’t know what choices would get me the best outcome in the long run. That kind of introspection eventually helped me make sense of where my life was going and kind of pushed me in the right direction. It ended up drawing a lot of comparisons to “The Catcher in the Rye” in that it’s also about being young and struggling to find your place in a confusing and complicated world.

What’s the overall theme of your EP, “Lovesick”?

Nick: The EP is a bit of a coming of age tale. All the songs have something to do with finding your way into adulthood. “Lovesick” and “Again” go into how complicated love and relationships can be, and songs like “20 Hours Notice” and “Nothing’s Built to Last” touch on fitting into the grand scheme of things, and of all the things you’re told as a kid, what to believe. It all comes to a head in “Too Young”, which is all about accepting your own youth and the fact that not everything is supposed to make sense right now. It was written at a time of transition in our lives and the combination of confusion and excitement I think really comes through in not only the words, but also the feel of the songs. 

What’s next for Kids That Fly?

Nick: Hopefully more new music. We’ve already started writing our next work and we’re pretty excited about what we have so far. We have more gigs coming up soon and we’re working on making all our performances better than the last. Can’t say exactly when the new music will be dropping, but definitely keep and eye out

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