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James October Basks in Optimism With His Latest Hit, "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)"

The Santa Barbara-based Singer/Songwriter and Producer James October releases an uplifting single to remind us of our abundant future with, "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)."

James October thrives through his lyric writing skills, striving to allow any listener to connect with his wise messages and concepts. Currently finishing his time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, James October is ready to jump into his personal music career and push full-steam ahead.

Recently releasing the ear-pleasing single, "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)," James October felt compelled to write about the future and getting back into the world as we once knew. With help from the serene stylings of Emilia Ali, the two set sail into optimism that gets any listener out of their quarantine rut and ready for what the future holds.

"The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)" smoothly opens with bright acoustic guitar picking and subtle background vocals that set a warm and inviting atmosphere. As James October begins singing with his vibrant and soothing vocals, he sings incredibly heartfelt and optimistic lyricism surrounding future adventures with loved ones.

Continuing through the piece, we hear the glimmering stylings of Emilia Ali shine through while she accompanies James October through rich vocal harmonies and her sweet falsetto. As the song captures the brightest instrumentals, we're heavily impressed with the uplifting feel that James October has captured through each chilling sonic element.

As we reach the song's end, we're nothing but excited to get back into our normal way of life with help from James October's wild optimism within "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)," as the two artists offer sound lyricism that reminds us to keep the faith.

Hello James, and welcome to BuzzMusic.We heavily admire the heightened sense of optimism you've infused into your single "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)." What pushed you to create a single that speaks on the future and getting back to normal?

After a couple of months of quarantine, I started to feel restless. Not in a negative way though. I developed an appreciation for what I had taken for granted in the past, and that was making memorable experiences by putting yourself out there. I had spent some time at my girlfriend Emilia’s parents’ house in the greater Boston area, and we drove around while I was taking in the relatively new scenery. This made me think about how much of the world there is to see, and it inspired me to write. Emilia was a huge inspiration to the song because of her lovely perspective on life and aspirations to see the world.

Why did you want to feature the angelic stylings of Emilia Ali for your single "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)?" What was your collaboration like when recording your rich vocal harmonies?

Originally, this song was just me singing, and it was actually in the mastering process when Emilia sent me those vocals. She told me to use whatever I wanted and if they didn’t work I could just toss them. This obviously wasn’t the case. I was so in love with the subtle harmony lines that added so much texture to the song. Now that I listen back, the song sounds empty without Emilia’s incredible vocals.

What sort of instrumental atmosphere were you initially going for when creating the sonics for your single "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)?"

When producing the track, I wanted it to carry the same energy that I feel when I’m traveling. The excitement, the restlessness, the urge to dance in your seat when the plane lands. To make those images live on the track, I added subtle white noise in the back of most of the track to match the background noise of a plane, car, train, etc. My main goal of the track was to emulate the excitement of traveling in the groove of the chorus. I saved the bass and drums for the chorus cause I know they would hit that much harder if people had to wait for it.

Seeing as you're known for your in-depth lyric writing, how did you write your single "The Places We'll Go (feat. Emilia Ali)" to inspire the listener to keep hope?

I wrote this song sitting on my bed with a guitar and it just came out of me. I felt so inspired to write about my ambition to travel with Emilia that it was the easiest and fastest song I ever wrote. When I first wrote it, singing it felt like therapy. Just replaying it gave me ease in light of the craziness in the world right now. Then as I kept listening to it, I thought, “Well everyone must be feeling this right now. Everyone’s constantly indoors right now, and everyone wants to get out.” So as much as this was a song for myself, it’s for anyone and every one that feels the same way I do.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

My biggest inspirations this year have come from asking myself the tough questions. This semester at Berklee, I took multiple songwriting classes that demanded vulnerability and truth in writing. I think if I just wrote with no intention of speaking any truth, I would have no inspiration or drive by now. I started using different methods to spark the creativity that either my teachers or my peers told me about. For anyone that’s struggling with their own creativity, I’d say to either put everything you feel on paper and don’t try to make it rhyme. You can always make it rhyme after. Being honest with yourself about how you feel is going to produce the most meaningful and memorable music. It took me a while to truly believe that, but as I continue to be honest with myself, the more I enjoy what I create.

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