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James Worthy And Big Gipp Remind Us That Everything Isn't Always What It Seems

The New York-based singer-songwriter, producer, and r&b recording artist James Worthy pairs up with rapper Big Gipp for their highly conceptual single and music video, "Tick Tock."

The alternative visionary artist truly embodies the essence of his name. James Worthy's moniker represents his dedication, passion, and relentlessness towards his ever-evolving craft. The New York-based artist is always upping his artistry and finding new and refreshing ways to keep his audience locked in for the long haul.

Now releasing his music video with Big Gipp for "Tick Tock," viewers can catch what seems to be another ordinary and beautiful day in California, but the duo strives to remind us that everything isn't always what it seems. The video is said to remind listeners "that sunny days aren't any safeguard against deception — and prettiness is, all too often, a cover for nefarious activities," said Worthy.

Hitting play on the music video for "Tick Tock," we're met with overhead scenes of California's hills, homes, and the women that constantly turn heads. All seems good and well until the female protagonist slips a powder into her date's drink. Once she gets what she came for, a text appears with the location and pricing for the next client.

Making her way over to the next date, we see them cheers their drinks, and we get the feeling that there's danger ahead. There are also many contemplative shots of Worthy and Gipp that emphasize the video's mystery and deceptiveness. The video comes to an end with the protagonist meeting up with a co-worker who attempts to take the goods for himself, where she then hits him over the head with a gun and flees the scene.

Allow James Worthy and Big Gipp's music video for "Tick Tock" to remind you to keep your wits about you, now available to watch on YouTube.

We love the unique and conceptual message of your recent music video for "Tick Tock." What inspired you to create a music video about deceptiveness and its many dangers?

Thank you! I wanted to make and display a story that isn't always on camera but something that matches the tone and story of the song. I love concepts that make you think as well, which was fun to create.

Who helped you out on set for the "Tick Tock" music video? Did you have any directors, videographers, or extras who helped bring the video to life?

Yes. Thank you to Redemption Images for their help with bringing the vision come to life. Also, much love to the actors who were cast for the video as well: Jessica Graie, Earnest Marshall, and Chris Thomas. They all did a fantastic job.

What was your collaboration with Big Gipp for the single and music video, "Tick Tock"? Is this your first time working together?

Tick Tock was a song I had for about a year prior. Myself & Gipp had worked together previously on another piece entitled Night Drive. We reconnected & finished Tick Tock with his verse.

What do you hope your audience learns from the music video for "Tick Tock"? What message did you want them to take away?

I just wanted a visual that would make the viewer keep watching for what is next to come. The message of the song & video is that time isn't always a luxury, so use it wisely in all aspects.

What's next for you?

So many new projects on the way. New Debut Album, New Collaborations, Documentary, Movies, Television, & Partnerships. Also, much support and love to Naija Grille Spices as one of our sponsors within HSMG.


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