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Jameson Tabor Finds Love At First Sight On “Touch”

Jameson Tabor is a gifted artist and producer who has become known for his contagious energy and unique blend of dance-pop and bluestep. His soulful vocal performances have been compared to legends like Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. He has established himself as a talented storyteller and showman through his lyrics and melodic choices. Jameson is committed to creating innovative, nostalgic music that resonates with modern-day listeners.

The release of his debut EP, "PURSUIT," marked the beginning of Jameson's rise to fame. His music video for "Pull Me In" won at the Eurasia International Film Festival, and his song "Black Dust" won the Global Music Awards in 2020, earning him critical acclaim and recognition for his statements on diversity and inclusion. Despite his success, Jameson remains a self-made artist who has collaborated with several Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters and continues collaborating with artists worldwide.

The lyrics of Jameson's song "Touch," which he wrote in collaboration with Jenna Tabor and Molly Chapman, capture the feeling of falling in love at first sight. Jameson is captivated by someone he’s just met and can't stop thinking about them and wonders if the other person feels the same way and longs to be close to them.

Jameson's vocals on "Touch" are electric and cut through the bright and bouncy beat, capturing the intensity of the song's lyrics. The track is driven by a pulsing beat and shimmering synths, giving it an infectious energy that will get listeners dancing. The song's chorus is particularly memorable, with Jameson repeating, bringing the energy up a few notches, giving flight to how he feels about this girl.

The bridge of the song is particularly noteworthy, as it builds up to the climax of the chorus with a powerful vocal delivery and a pulsating beat. The bridge adds intensity and emotion to the song as it slows down and touches your soul like warm honey, making it a memorable and enjoyable listen.

"Touch" is a solid addition to Jameson's discography, showcasing his talent for crafting catchy, danceable tracks with memorable hooks. The lyrics are relatable and heartfelt, and Jameson's vocal performance is top-notch. If you're a fan of dance-pop or bluestep, "Touch" is worth a listen.

Touch base with this one today; available everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jameson Tabor, and congratulations on your electric release with “Touch.” How did the concept for the song "Touch" come about? Was a specific inspiration or personal experience that influenced the lyrics and melody?

"Touch" was one that had to marinate for a bit before it came together. It started in this song sketch series I put together back in 2018, where I created a new song idea every day and then would release it. I had been feeling kind of lost and in need of something concrete to keep me creative and positive. At this point, my wife Jenna and I were going through some things–she wanted to move back home to Portland. She'd even interviewed for a few jobs up there. This song idea came on day 33, right after I had convinced her to come back down to LA and give it one final shot.

Fast forward two years, and I'm in a session at our new place with my friend Molly Chapman. I decided to pull this up. I wasn't 100% sold on the original idea but figured I'd play it for her anyway. Right away, she was like, "Wait, what is this? I love it!" so we decided to try writing to it. Our initial draft was completely not what we ended up with. I think it was something about riding in a Tesla. Haha. But hey, sometimes you have to get the bad ideas out of your system to find what really does work.

After the session, I played the song for Jenna, who had already been listening on the other side of the door. She had devised the idea to call the song "Touch" and write it about when we first met in college. We had a one-year-old daughter, but things were still a bit tense, and we desperately needed to find our spark again... So it just made sense. I thought, let's lean into this. She's always been part of my creative process, but this was the first time we tried writing a song together. She laid down many ideas that set up the shape for the rest of the song. Our therapy was writing this song together, reliving and reminiscing about what it was like when we first fell in love. Looking back, who knows? It might have even saved our marriage.

"Touch" features a fusion of dance-pop and bluestep, an emerging sub-genre. What drew you to this specific blend of genres, and how do you think it adds to the overall message and emotion of the song?

Tough question. At its core, to me, the song is telling a story of discovering love and the feeling–the magic–of that high. So the up-and-dancing vibe of this song is no surprise there. But I think the blues connection comes from my interest in emotional storytelling, not to mention the power and almost hypnosis of its cycling nature. When I listen back to some of the earliest blues recordings from the turn of the century, people like Son House, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith... there is this completely unfiltered freestyle and exploring with the scale, even on a simple lyric like "oh." It's amazing how someone can express one lyric/melody in so many different ways, the textures, the pitch choices, and everything in between.

The blues has influenced everything, from jazz to rock and roll, soul, hip-hop, and the obvious RnB. As a song form, it comes out of grief, pain, and frustration but turns it into something satisfying and therapeutic. The flip is that we're coming in with a more positive and uplifting story from the start and then digging in, allowing that to unfold. That makes for something fun and ecstatic-party-vibe on the surface, but subliminally still super honest and deeply gratifying. Your soulful vocal performances have been compared to legends such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and even Michael Jackson. How do you approach channelling these influences while still maintaining your own unique sound and style?

Thanks! Yeah, the kiss of death, as some might say, haha. It is hard to have the comparison going through my head sometimes as I create, 'cause it's like, they are widely known as the best of the best, and those stylistic choices have already been done so well that it's like, how can you make it your own? So I do have to set that aside and focus on singing from my experiences–connect with the story, trust my instincts, know that I have a whole lifetime of music to release and that I'm also a multi-faceted individual who can't be confined to any one style or sound.

My best performances come out when I'm not "trying" to do anything except have fun and stay in the moment. I'm also engineering and producing the vocal sessions, which adds difficulty when you're listening back and comping. But I can't care so much about being on the cutting edge or trying to find what hasn't been done before. It's more about being true to my song and content. Occasionally I get lucky and find something new and flavorful, and that's when I try to dig in. But it can never be the goal.

"Touch" discusses the intense emotional and physical sensations of falling in love. How do you believe the song captures these feelings, and how do you relate to the lyrics?

Yeah, I mean, this is quite literally my story. It's how I felt in those first few weeks and months of getting to know Jenna. All of the moments in the song are real memories. The way the song starts, it's like, I did fall for her so fast. I had been trying to imagine the type of person I would hope to find in an ideal world (I was getting out of this pretty serious relationship), so on my dad's advice, I had made a list of the things I'd want to find in my ideal soulmate the night before. And right as I'm telling my friend about it, explaining my dream girl, Jenna walks by. She happened to be friends with my friend, who stopped and goes, "Oh, hi Jenna," in the middle of my sentence. And right then, she introduced us. It was super short and sweet, we just exchanged names and stuff, but I distinctly remember walking away and saying, "Actually, someone kinda like that!" It was crazy...

"Touch" explores the theme of desire and attraction, with lyrics like "I’m feeling your touch / Daydreaming of your touch / I can’t get enough of your touch." What message do you hope listeners take away from the song, and how do you think it relates to your overall artistic vision and message?

I want people to feel love and be open to letting people in so they can experience that magical high as I did. It is something else that words can't describe, this almost dreamlike state–it was one of the best times of my life. And even though this song only 'touches' on the beginning of that mystery and intrigue, I still wanted to capture that almost fairytale, fantasy feeling. Making people feel good is what I live for. Helping people find a way to escape from their reality or even believe that something better is out there for them. That's the absolute most important to me.


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