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Jamie Alimorad Has Us Hooked On, "Give a Little Lovin'"

While attending Northeastern University, light first dawned on Jamie Alimorad's prodigal artistry in Boston's underground music circuit. From those humble beginnings, Jamie Alimorad dedicated himself to honing his craft as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His time at Northeastern proved invaluable, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, and a blossoming career.

Taking our attention to the most recent work of art to come from a flourishing music catalog, we have "Give a Little Lovin'." Commencing with the lush guitar riffs that strum warmth into our very being, it's apparent the type of feel-good grooves that we're about to be doused in. Incorporating the upbeat characteristics of an electro-dance bop, we have what trickles into our speakers as mainstream potential.

We admire the soothing and wistful vocal performance Jamie Alimorad conveys to his audience. There's anticipation that comes with each word he leaves us with as we're caught up in the adoration strung throughout this record. "Give a Little Lovin'" tours us through the new wave as we clasp onto inspiration derived from the previous eras of music. Leaving no part of this track bare, there's a musical element that weaves through your senses as you take on this profound heightened feeling.

You can hear the detailed approach at every moment, which takes us further into the vivid imagery that Jamie Alimorad intends to cast out. Coaxing us into going that extra mile for that special someone, we're hooked on "Give a Little Lovin'."

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jamie Alimorad. This new record, "Give a Little Lovin'," has us feeling the vivacity you've set out for. We love it! Could you please share a glimpse into the meaning of this track?

Always great to be here! I'm glad you like it. This is the song that got my new project going. In the summer, I got into the studio with my producer and writing partner, Ross Vannelli, and I had a set of goals for the type of songs I wanted us to produce. We each had ideas in our memos, and we would trade them back and forth, with me on the keys, and him with an acoustic guitar. This was the very first thing that was presented by either of us, and I loved it. It didn't take long to finish. The lyric is from a place I know all too well - feeling a strong attraction toward someone and the, all too often, inevitable games people play when you're interested.

How long did it take for you to craft and release this single? How does it compare to previously released tracks of yours?

Writing it was fairly quick. We finished it within the first hour of getting together, however, we didn't track it until two months later. While building the track, Ross changed the bridge section, and originally put the idea of rap. I wasn't too keen on that unless we did it a la "24K Magic." In the end, we came up with two new melodic ideas, and the lyric ties it all together.

This track is definitely edgier and more R&B than my previous work. I wanted all the new songs to be very rhythmic, and incorporate more harmonies, and "Give A Little Lovin'" definitely checks those boxes.

What's the biggest thing you look for when creating hit records? What factors into if it's ready to be released for you?

Melody is king for me. I want a really strong melody that I can sing, whistle, or hum at any time. I want it to be stuck in your head. The other thing with my new music is the groove. If it makes you move, then it's got it going on. You never know what's going to happen once it's out there, but if it feels good in the studio, and when you listen at home, then you know it's ready for the world.

What's the most important message you aim to send to your audience as an artist?

I always think of Paul McCartney reflecting on the Beatles catalog - saying how he's so happy that they focused on themes of love, peace, and togetherness. Music has always brought me great joy, and I want to make people feel good when they listen to my music. Whether it's a recording or at a show, I want the audience to get lost in the music, and in the moment. I hope that my music makes anyone day who's listening's a little brighter.

What's next for you?

I have a lot of new music coming in 2022! We just filmed the music video for "Give A Little Lovin" and that will be coming out soon. My next single will come in the early Spring. Can't wait for you to hear it!


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