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Jan Edwards Takes Us On A Captivating Moonlit Journey On “Dark”

The talented artist returns with an album full of spooky yet enthralling tunes, just in time for Halloween.

Having burst onto the scene and immediately garnered a buzz for herself with her artistic brilliance, Jan Edwards is one of those artists you feel is destined for big things. Originally from Minneapolis before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, and now Naples, Florida, this talented musician effortlessly defies genres. Her unique sound significantly sees her fuse country, jazz, pop, folk, and blues influences, making for a unique listening experience that won’t be matched anytime soon.

One thing about Edwards is that she has constantly found ways to express her boundless creative spirit through songwriting and music. Having won 1st place in the country category for the USA Songwriting Competition, her songwriting skills are among the best. The profoundly immersive and expansive sonic nature of her releases makes sense; not only does Jan Edwards have the ability to envision deep and complex narratives and pieces, but she also has the skills to bring these visions to life.

Almost poetically, Edwards’ newly released “Dark” opens with the deliciously eerie release “The Raven.” Dropping lyrics like “Dancing with the shadow, between the light and the dark / Hiding deep in my soul calling out to my heart, the raven knows,” Edwards sets a slightly grim but highly entertaining tone for the rest of the album. Edwards’ vocal performance for “Dark” is one of our favorite features of this project.

Her vocals, delivered with an almost spectral and trembling quality at times, evoke a melancholy longing, as lyrics like “If I could be your demon/one you can’t refuse” on “Your Demon” show. The instrumental performance is nothing to scoff at either; an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary instrumentation builds a rich backdrop from which Edwards can shine. Mournful strings, somber piano keys, subtle electronic elements, and more find a home in “Dark,” creating a darkly atmospheric soundscape that lingers in the mind long after the music has ceased.

Fittingly, Edwards brings “Dark” to a close with the otherworldly “Unravelling”. As she sings lyrics like “I’m wide awake in a nightmare of dreams, praying and falling apart at the seams / I’m unraveling,” you get the sense that even though “Dark” has drawn to a close, your journey has just begun. “Dark” is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the human experience. It’s where the eerie and the melancholic intertwine, creating a sonic journey that resonates within the deepest recesses of the heart as Edwards’ vocals cut to the soul.

Jan Edwards’ latest album release, “Dark,” is a beautiful and otherworldly offering that channels the eerily beautiful power of the night to significant effect. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Jan Edwards’ new album “Dark” on all majour streaming platforms.


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