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Jane Handcock Stuns In Music Video Premiere For “All Of Me”

Bay Area native and seasoned songstress, Jane Handcock is drawing inspiration from authentic stories and real people. A talented songwriter, Jane started writing in her early teen years. Recognizing the healing ability, she put her emotive thoughts onto paper and created authentic poetry. After graduating from Oakland School for the Arts, Jane solidified her passion for music and began her successful journey. She wrote for notable artists such as Kelly Rowland (landing a career-defining placement on her 2013 solo album Talk A Good Game), Tyrese, Big K.R.I.T., Keke Palmer, Rick Ross, Tank, Dr. Dre, Ma$e and Warren G, among others. Her incredible repertoire and unmatched ambition left Jane hungry for more. Now getting behind the mic herself, Jane hopes she can continue to make music that speaks to her so, exactly where she is now.

The gifted sing/songwriter, previously referred to as a “musical medium”, is making her solo launch into the music industry with her incredible track “All Of Me”. Not only is Jane an obviously talented songwriter, but her attention to detail in the flow of her vocals is mesmerizing. With a stunning new music video out now, “All Of Me”’s visualization further represents many things in regards to Jane’s career move, relationship, and self confidence and love. The video depicts vast landscapes and gorgeous scenery. I can’t help but compare that to the vast beauty of who Jane is as a person, as well as how she’s branching out within her career and choosing to debut solo single! “All Of Me” more literally takes the listener on a vulnerable journey through Jane Handcock’s hopes, fears, and warnings about giving her love. She won’t be putting up with any sh*t and her message demands to be heard. As an artist, Jane strives to create real music about real situations while remaining modern, relevant and authentic. “All Of Me” hits all three of these points. The R&B backbeat keeps the track swaying with Jane’s expansive vocals. Her expert lyricism is the result of years of practice leading up to this debut. With so much notable success and so much to look forward to after this music video debut, we can’t wait to see what Jane Handcock delivers next!

Check out “All Of Me” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Jane! We love your song “All Of Me” and the video is beautiful! What inspired this track?

Thank you! I wrote the song after going on a date with someone I was into at the moment. That guy made me feel like we could be something really special. I’m not one for speaking how I feel prematurely & writing songs for myself is my own way of journaling so, “All of Me” was my way of jotting down how I felt about him.

Where was the music video for “All Of Me” filmed? How was the shooting process for you?

We filmed in Half Moon Bay, California. Not a bunch of people hanging around. It was very relaxing just shooting around the water & trees. I love nature plus, the weather was perfect.

If you could collaborate with one artist or producer in the world, who would you choose and why?

It’s difficult to just say one 🥴 lol... I’ll say Pharrell as one. I feel like our sounds together would be epic. I also feel like he’d teach me a lot. 

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

I’m very chill & down to earth lol. I’m a bit of a wild card at times. & lastly... I’m just getting started!


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