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Jane N’ The Jungle Wants You To Be As “Raw As A Jewel”


rizona's fierce pop-rock group Jane N' The Jungle is back and ready to attack. The band recently released one of their most ferocious singles with an accompanying music video entitled "Raw As A Jewel."

Jane N' The Jungle never fails to wow us. Their support from MTV, airplay from Matt Pinfield, and millions of steams are impressive enough, but the band's commitment to raising the bar with each track is far more remarkable. They're a band that knows how to push boundaries tastefully while naturally evolving into one of Arizona's leading pop-rock acts.

As fearless as a hawk, as lively as a cheetah, and as "Raw As A Jewel," this new track from Jane N' The Jungle dares you to follow your heart and take a leap of faith. Jordan White's vocals are as polished, punchy, and gripping as ever, while the band backs her up with stellar rock musicianship that leaves us shaking in our boots.

Jane N' The Jungle also released a music video for "Raw As A Jewel," blasting off with visually intense scenes of the band's thrilling live performance and wicked energy. Frontwoman Jordan White instantly commands our attention with her chilling glares, natural charisma, and badass attitude bound to rock your world.

All while White is strutting the stage with stunning femme-punk outfits, Jane N' The Jungle keeps the energy high and mighty with kickass guitar riffs, thick bass lines, and pounding drums that knock us into next year. The entire song is a stimulating treat for the ears, and the music video brings a feast for the eyes that might prompt you to snag some Jane N' The Jungle tickets.

It's time to toughen up, step outside your comfort zone, and chase your wildest dreams with help from Jane N' The Jungle's new single and music video, "Raw As A Jewel." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jane N' The Jungle. We love everything about your punchy new single and music video for "Raw As A Jewel." What inspired your group to create a track that dares listeners to follow their hearts?

Thank you, BuzzMusic, for all your support for our music!! I think "following your heart" is common in our music. When you follow your heart, you can see the passion in your work. "Raw as a Jewel," we wanted to portray that emotion and our raw, authentic energy as a band. What was your band's experience shooting the high-energy music video for "Raw As A Jewel?" What was that behind-the-scenes process like?

It was a lot of fun! We filmed the music video at Madhouse studios in Phoenix, AZ, with Raysquared Productions. We filmed it one night. Our goal was to have fun with it and showcase a little bit of who we were. What visual experience did you want to give viewers with the "Raw As A Jewel" music video? What did you want them to feel or think?

We wanted the music video to feel raw, authentic, and fun to watch. Would you say "Raw As A Jewel" is one of your most powerful and relentless songs to date? What makes this song stand out in your discography?

"Raw As A Jewel" is probably the most punk rock song we have to date. It's fun and upbeat, and most of our songs have a heavier emotion to them, so "Raw as a Jewel" was refreshing to us in that way of being more carefree and light-hearted. On a more personal note, what keeps your band inspired to continue creating hit after hit? What's the fuel that keeps Jane N' The Jungle running?

Honestly, I think the biggest thing is keeping it fun and finding the small things that inspire us. When it feels like you are trying too hard, oftentimes you are, and the writing isn't good. Being true to ourselves and letting the music flow naturally has always been the best way for us to move forward.

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