Janis Philosophy Releases New Tune "Code Blue"

From Stockholm, Sweden, this quartet started making ground bracing music in 1999. The

band is noted by their progressive and dynamic style while blurring the lines of originality and

familiarity. The band includes a strong rhythm section that displays the band has great chemistry

while showing their craft with every measure and riff played. Janis Philosophy confronts the

subjects of drug addiction and the loss of close friends and loved ones, something that are all relatable to everyone. The band recently play for a crowd of around 10,000 people and have much more in store for 2018.

“Code Blue” has a powerful beginning that transitions to a powerful verse. From this song we

can gather that it is about losing a loved one or friend. “I’m losing you “, is a key verse from it

alluding to the scenario that is taking place. A tug at the heart strings song, but not in the normal

format. An innovative song from the listening perspective especially with the in between guitar

instrumental that ultimately builds up to the climax of the song. An interesting take for this topic,

which most of the time you would expect a soft and weepy ballad. Janis Philosophy takes this

concept but does it in a way for the listener to be really engaged with the topic that are trying to


Listen to "Code Blue" on Spotify.