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Janockeil Emits That Certain, 'Feeling'

Residing in Newark, New Jersey, talented singer, songwriter, and musician Janockeil has always been influenced by music. With what started from a young age, Janockeil has always found inspiration rooted in gospel music.

Using that to transcend into the R&B and Pop genres, Janockeil has found a way to delve into captivating melodies and lyrics about the complexity of love, intimacy, and self-examination.

Janockeil’s talents are reaching a newfound glory. By embracing his artistic versatility, Janockeil places forth his five-track EP titled, 'Feeling.'

Claiming that this is his best work to date, Janockeil invites you to find out for yourself. The introductory song shares a title with the deluxe EP, 'Fearless.' Setting an intimate tone throughout the ethereal ambiance exemplified, you’re instantly flounced into a luscious universe of seduction that Janockeil exposes us to. The slow-tempo ballad pulses through your speakers with the bass-heavy components punching through the melodic bliss. The vocal performance radiated from Janockeil is an intimate soundscape drowning in wistful tenors. There is a sultry seasoning sprinkled on the opulent swing of, “Feeling,” that invites you into the embrace of Janockeil. Capturing the harmonious quintessence of the EP in one fell swoop, Janockeil sets the definitive tone for offered up in the dynamism of, 'Feeling.'

With the second single portraying a poignant relatability, Janockeil has us swooning over his sweet-sounding melodies in, “Loud.” The instrumentation effortlessly fits into the pocket of a Contemporary blend of reminiscent R&B and buoyant Pop flavors. Exuding a transitional composition of mid to up-tempo effervescence, we get lost in all that is, “Loud,” as our minds are transported to a heated dance floor. Janockeil has a knack for his energetic presence to jump out of the speaker. With the animated performance he offers, Janockeil takes you to a heightened sense of optimism as he utters sweet words of the out-of-body experience he reaches when he’s with that special someone.

Third, on the tracklist, we slow the motion as Janockeil embraces us with buttery tenors in, “Love Me Like You Love Me.” Decelerating the rhythm, Janockeil ensures that we don’t come to a halt. Utilizing this opportunity to pull us into the deeper emotions that he sheds, Janockeil is no stranger to getting intrapersonal with his audience. The mesmerizing chorus in, “Love Me Like You Love Me,” has us feeling nostalgic and astonished all in one. Allowing the chorus to stand out from the crowd, Janockeil exposes his vocal range on an inimitable spectrum of talent. With each note hit, Janockeil has us coming back for more, even long after the song completes.

Touching on themes of a love feeling so good to you, that you question if it’s wrong, Janockeil illustrates detailed imagery in the environment that is, “Is It Wrong.” Janockeil has us turning the volume up on this track as he metaphorically sinks his teeth into the sweet sounds of the beat. Embodying the hallmarks of a hit song, you find yourself dissecting the lyrics in this thought-provoking single. Your mind is eager to know where the creative mind of Janockeil was at during the creation of the lyrical content displayed. The charismatic and suave performance exuded by Janockeil, has us tapping our fingers and toes to the vivid immersion graced upon our speakers. For that, we’re thankful.

Completing this sonic expedition with what touches down as the final track, “Mood,” releases a hypnotic glow that has you swaying your hips. With each song perfectly placed on the EP, 'Feeling,' we find that, “Mood,” fits into this pocket fluently. Swerving through a mid-tempo absorption of sanguine illusions, the delicate tone in Janockeil’s vocals has us clinging on to every last word he performs. The airy vibrations keep this track light and feathery as it sits pleasantly in your mind. His vocals could very well be the soundtrack to our lives. As we sink into our seats a little deeper, we appreciate all that Janockeil brings forth throughout this cutting edge project.

Congratulations on the release of your EP, 'Feeling.' With this project, how does it compare to your previous bodies of work?

Thank you, BuzzMusic! It's always good to feel the love from you guys. This project started with a different idea, but once the pandemic occurred, the idea that I initially had shifted. This time, there really wasn't any premeditation of what I was going to write about. It was the first time I really let my creative side take over without any hesitation or disruptions in my mind telling me to sing a certain type or style of music. I just did whatever I felt was right and what best represented me at the moment. And what resulted was this body of work that I am proud of and showcases my growth, confidence, and a little more wisdom.

What was your main inspiration behind the collection you chose to feature on this project? Is there a reason you chose for the songs to be displayed in that particular order?

"Feeling" was the first song I wrote for the project, and it was something about that song that just felt special to me. I felt I had something good, and the rest of the songs came right after, so I felt like "Feeling" was where it all started and that's why I decided to name it the EP as well. I really can't explain where the inspiration came from other than being in quarantined really sparked my creativity in a way that it hadn't before. It was this ignition to get these songs out of me and it happened rather quickly. I wanted to show the range of what I am able to do musically without putting myself in a box. There is this conglomerate of songs where it showcases different styles, but I feel like they all flow into each other pretty well from beginning to end. Hopefully, I've achieved that.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process looked like in order to give this EP the sound we know and love?

Due to the pandemic, my creative process shifted a bit, but at the same time, it never stifled. I wrote everything at home, I have my own little room that I work out in, and pretty much wrote everything there. Once things slowly started to open back up again, I safely made my treks to the recording studio to lay down my vocals. The way I work is I have about 85% of my song completed, and I just finish the rest of it at the studio to pretty much freestyle any ad-libs or new background vocals I'm creating at the moment. Once I'm in the studio, I'm at a different level mentally and creatively and that's where I really let go. With this project, it was completed rather quickly within six weeks or so and it was the most freeing. Every session was laid back and free filled.

Out of the five songs placed on, 'Feeling,' do you have a song that resonates with you more than others?

"Love Me Like You Love Me". It was the last song I wrote and recorded for the project, and my favorite one I've written. It has such a chill vibe to it and I went into the recording process thinking it should be more vocally driven, but with a softness and freedom to it. I just let the music take over and what you hear on the record is me being carefree and unapologetic about my need to be loved. I love that song so much.

What musical and non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

Anything and everything and anyone and everyone can inspire me. I never dictate where the inspiration comes from. Whatever the universe has, I am open to all of it. I am a lover. A lover of music, love, life, connection, freedom, God. If it moves me, I incorporate it, if it doesn't, I give it no energy.



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