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JARETT Makes a Splash With the Tropical Ambiance of "Mermaid"

Vancouver-based Pop/Dance artist, JARETT is eager to announce the release of his second single, “Mermaid.” Debuting in 2021, the emerging essence of his talents is already making a wave as he follows the method of blending Electronic and Hip-hop styles while incorporating his roots and drawing on inspiration from his experiences in Barbados.

Serving up a buoyant atmosphere that instantaneously propels you into full-on vacation mode, JARETT’s brilliant soundscape of “Mermaid,” embraces the tropical themes he has dealt out.

Through various layers of musical fusion, we hear the effervescent glimmer of high to low frequencies sweeping the speakers in a textured display of melodic bliss. Honing in on the weighty bass elements, and Caribbean-inspired steel drums, “Mermaid,” transports you to an idyllic utopia where the buttery timbres of JARETT put you under an entrancing spell that you don’t want to snap out of.

Weaving together the copious elements of his intricate skill set, we’re swept away into the compelling nature of “Mermaid.” Throughout this song, JARETT aims to bring out themes of the mythological features that mermaids embody. We doubt that you’ll be able to sit still while the playful hues of this track take over your entire being.

He masterfully holds the influence of casting out vividly sculpted lyrics that transport you to the warmth of the sun beaming down on you while the cold rush of the water plunges you into nostalgia. Nothing lasts forever, and that’s why a song of this caliber allows you to hold on to the joyous memories that are brought back up through the power of music. JARETT does an exceptional job at reminding us to be grateful for the life we are living, and to resist wishing our time away while dreaming about running off with a “Mermaid.”

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Mermaid.” You use such a unique sense of inspiration to bring this song to life. We love it! How did it come to be that the 1989 Disney movie The Little Mermaid, brought you to this place with a hit record?

Thank you! The movie was definitely an inspiration, but the love of summer, beaches, the Caribbean, my most recent trip to Barbados with my fiancee in Dec 2019, are all inspirations too.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when fashioning together “Mermaid”?

In mythology, mermaids are described as mysterious women of the sea with exquisite features, who often lead sailors astray with their charming and seductive ways. The tune “Mermaid” brings those themes to life, all the while pulling us in with the presumption of fun and adventure. Escaping the city life, unwinding with weed and rumpaired with beautiful womenmakes for a good time in the sunshine! But, those revelry moments do not last forever and eventually come to an end.

With your two tracks released falling into the simmering, tropical essence of soundwaves, how would you compare this song to your debut release ‘Travel’? What are some similarities and differences you encounter throughout the process?

Mermaid is textured with Caribbean-inspired steel drum sounds to give it the full-on vacation vibe, blending electronic and hip-hop styles, whereas travel is more of a house tropical song.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

To perform at beaches all over the world and bring that same warm, positive, uplifting energy to whoever wants/needs it.

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