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Jasmine Ash Releases Her Timeless Pop Bop “High Wire”

Jasmine Ash is a singer and songwriter with a distinctive approach to her music. Her melodies are catchy alongside uplifting and her productions are loaded with warmth and energy! But how was this fascinating artist before she was a singer? Jasmine Ash never really started writing or even singing up until her last year in College. Growing up with a Deaf father, her first language was ASL (American Sign Language), and though she remembers listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Paul Simon with her mother, music wasn’t a huge part of her upbringing like many of her peers. Jasmine Ash began exploring the depths of her talent through self-discovery and lessons. Her songs channel the power of Pop with the edge of electronica, and a singer/songwriter intimacy.

Have you ever listened to a song that just had an undeniably addicting vibe? A record that instantly gravitates you inside the song? For me as a listener, those are my personal favorite type of records! Jasmine Ash is allowing us to re-experience that nomadic spirit through her new release which is titled “High Wire”. “High Wire” had this charismatic and finely tuned energy that radiated well from the music to the listener. “Never gonna come down down down” the hook sings, and ironically, this is the same exact emotion you feel as a listener while listening to the record! Jasmine Ash takes her listener onto a climaxing high of emotions where you’re so elevated, that the thought of even coming down is unbearable! “High Wire” is a burst of vibrancy and exudes the creative element of Jasmine Ash. The arrangement of the production alongside the melody of her voice served us cohesion, showcasing the star quality a little bit more! High Wire is a certain hit song!

Listen to "High Wire" here and get to know more about Jasmine Ash below!

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