Jasmine J Walker is an Advocate for Social Justice

Jasmine J Walker grew up in New Jersey, and after moving to Brooklyn became an R&B and Hip-Hop artist.

Growing up, she was no stranger to the music scene; Jasmine’s mother was a gospel singer and educator, and her father was a talented piano player. Having been surrounded by music her whole life, she had a strong desire to create her own songs from a young age.

Jasmine J Walker is an advocate for social justice with her songwriting. Topics of importance to her include women empowerment, domestic violence, and child abandonment. Her music tends to be a motivational and hopeful message for anyone who has suffered through such a disheartening experience. 

Jasmine shares her important message with an alluring and passionate voice. Her R&B beat creates laid back energy for her music so that the focus can remain on her inspirational lyricism. Exuding confidence and positivity herself, Jasmine J Walker is a light for those who seek a reminder of self-love and their potential for greatness.

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