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Jasmine Ortiz Brings Sizzling Vibes In Her Latest Hit, "Cherry on Top"

Fresh off the success of her previous single, ‘Trick or Treat,’ Jasmine Ortiz is ready to hit the ground running with the sweet resonance of her latest record, “Cherry on Top.”

Devoted to expanding her sound as a Pop sensation, the multifaceted artist before us tackles her songwriting and self-production to capture the divine sounds she puts forth.

Teaming up with Multi-Platinum Producer Trackdilla, the sultry vocalization of Jasmine Ortiz swoops over us in heavy waves as we gravitate towards her effervescent pull. “Cherry on Top” trickles into a realm of mesmerizing buoyancy within the lively dynamism of the top-notch production quality. With a larger than life dreamscape that drips in the flirtatious essence of witty, sweet treat related lyricism, the songwriting offered by Jasmine Ortiz illustrates vivid imagery that fills a blank canvas in mere moments.

The animated Pop escapade, “Cherry on Top,” touches on themes of the playful aspects of dating someone new. The vulnerable and cheeky stages that dip into getting to know one another are brought to reality as Jasmine Ortiz was inspired by an eclectic summer hairdo that was reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream. Trackdilla outdoes himself once again as his producer credits elevate him to levels that some can only dream of with collaborations such as 2Chainz, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, French Montana, and many more.

We must say that we are head over heels for this enigmatic performance. The manner in which the talents of both Jasmine Ortiz and Trackdilla come together in unity sends us into a blissful utopia of up-tempo goodness. We’ll take three scoops, please.

Congratulations on the release of, “Cherry on Top.” We are obsessed with the honeyed sounds offered up in the lyrics conveyed! Could you please take us into what it was like working with Trackdilla in order to bring this song to life?

Working with TrackDilla has truly been an amazing experience. He is so talented, humble and kind. Having recently moved to Los Angeles, Track has served as a role model and mentor for me in the industry; helping me get connected with studios and engineers that have allowed me to have a space to complete other projects as well. We are currently working on a collaboration between myself and TrackDilla as he is also an amazing artist.

If you could pick your favorite lyric in, “Cherry on Top,” what would it be and why?

I really love all the lyrics throughout, because I worked really hard to insert ice-cream/cherry related puns, or references and double meanings; but I have to say some of my favorite lines are in the bridge. The lines, “Babe let’s go non dairy//Netflix and chill’d//I got that Tyler Perry” stand out to me because they relate to another line in the bridge “I got that Ben and Jerry’s”, and because “Netflix and Chill’d” is a flavor that Ben and Jerry’s makes dairy-free. Also, because Tyler Perry has some of his work on Netflix so it all ties in together.

You are the queen of fun outfits! Do you find that your personal style corresponds to the music you create, and vice versa?

I would definitely say that my personal style directly influenced the development of this song. Specifically, because during quarantine I did what any bored 20 year old would do, and I dyed my hair. I did it myself in my bathroom with temporary rose-gold spray-on dye by Kristin Ess (available at Target if you wanted to know). Originally I wanted to dye my whole head pink, but at the time I had this super long butt-length bleach blonde hair, and I only had enough left in the can for half of my head. At first, I was lowkey so embarrassed I hadn’t judged the amount correctly but after styling it I really loved the half pink/half blonde look. When my dark roots started growing in, I had brown in the middle and felt like Neapolitan ice cream. From there, I photoshopped a cartoon cherry onto my head from a selfie I took, and then the idea for “Cherry on Top” was born.

What has been the best piece of advice you have been given through your musical journey?

Honestly, I would say that the best advice I’ve been given is to trust the process. No matter how you interpret that it’s still true - either in the process of writing/recording a song, or the process of releasing it, or the process of growing a fanbase - things can only come in time. I firmly believe that anything is possible with the right amount of planning and hard work to follow through. If you’re doing everything you can on your end, at some point you need to let the universe guide you and let it come to fruition.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am very very excited about the next few releases we have planned. We are currently in the editing phase for my next music video for a single called, “Omerta” produced by CesarDaEmperor. There is also a single in the works to be released even before that one comes out. Cesar is also working with me to develop my debut project - either a cohesive EP or album, set to be released in the next 6 months. I am so grateful for my team, and all the amazing opportunities they have secured for me; ensuring that I can keep making music and doing what I love. I also have some film projects coming up that work hand in hand with my music career, so many things are on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share them all with you.



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