Jay Greene Gives You An Old-School Flare With His New Single “Greene Apple”

After releasing his single, “Back to Rap”, and essentially knocking off the proverbial dust off his microphone, Jay Greene has been focused and writing nonstop. With no plans for an official album, Jay is gearing up to flood the streets with single after single, beginning May 27th.

Greene released the single “Greene Apple” which begins with a lush sounding opening, glistening across the surface of the beat while Greene prepares to kill it. “They thought I was done, Told y’all I was coming back” was the initiating lyrics, Greene gave us. “Greene Apple” had a highly old school flare to the song. It felt more underground, raw and classic like how real rap use to be. Just a product of his environment and his artistry, Jay Greene spits the truth, with HEAT. Not only does he lyrically kills it with authenticism and rawness, he gives you witty and charismatic bars. One of my favorites was when he mentioned the snapping of his fingers, and the Thanos reference. Inducting pop culture, with a hip-hop spin on it was super dope to me. The lyrics were all-around bold, and you received a care-less appeal from the rapper. Another element I thoroughly liked, was his personality being showcased throughout the track. His whimsical jokes he made while rapping was refreshing to see. Jay Greene is a killer artist with a natural talent for rap and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

Listen to "Greene Apple" here and get to know more about Jay Greene below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jay Greene! Speaking of buzz, what is the impact you hope to leave on your listeners and fans?

I hope the impact I leave on my fans is that Hip Hop doesn’t have to be about an image or gimmicks. I want to make music that people immediately hit repeat on after the track ends. 90% of what is being played is microwave rap, I’m here to feed my hip hop heads. I want the fans and first time listeners to recognize quality Hip Hop. Culture first. 

Tell us about your track “Greene Apple”. What was the inspiration behind the title and theme of the song?

“Greene Apple” is a unconventional single, in the sense that there isn’t a catchy hook, or melody in it. Everything that makes a rap song a “Hit” today is absent in Greene Apple, and it still works. The song is produced by NY Bangers and the inspiration behind it comes from battle rap. Charlie Clips, Murder Mook, Daylyte, Couture, and Loaded Lux all inspired this record. Battle rappers in general I feel are some of the greatest writers in Hip Hop. I called the record Greene Apple because it’s a New York style beat with Jay Greene on it. The big apple meets Jay Greene get it? Greene Apple. Kinda corny but fuck it, you still love the record. 

In what ways has your environment, upbringing, and influences, impacted your style of writing?

My upbringing and environment had no impact on my style of writing. My biggest influences came from artist I grew up admiring. Biggie’s ability to ride a beat, Hov’s arrogance and Eminem’s aggression basically make up my pen game. 

Were there any challenges you faced in writing “Greene Apple”?

Yeah, it was a challenge to not make it a 10 minute song. I could’ve slaughtered that beat for an hour straight. Beats like this make it too easy for me to black out on. 

What’s next for you, Jay ?

You’ll have to follow me on Instagram.com/jgreene4real to find out. 


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