Jay Nomád Blends Cultures and Genres with “Gimme Love”

February 18, 2020

By: Isabella W

Giovanni Osorio is an artist and producer from New York City who creates his music under the name Jay Nomád . He is best known in LA and New York City for his refreshing fusion of pop, electronic and urban-styled music. He is also branching out into the Latin pop genre and has gained audiences in Colombia and Thailand. Since Jay Nomád's beginning as an artist he has released 6 singles, and his 6th and most recent single is called “Gimme Love”. This new release fuses electronic house/dance music with Latin pop. It has a catchy and “soca-reggaeton” beat that is combined with a tropical melody. Jay Nomád bases the lyrics off of a love interest, making “Gimme Love” a romantic and endearing love song. He displays his passion with his vocals, which makes this song easily relatable for his audience. In “Gimme Love,” JJay Nomád dips a toe in both the English and Latin pop genres. He includes both English and Spanish verses which is why his audience reaches many parts of the world. With the release of “Gimme Love”, Jay Nomád has become a “cultural bridge” between Latin America and Asia through his success with the audiences of both Columbia and Thailand. We can't wait to hear what's next from this artist.

Listen to "Gimme Love" here.

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