Jay Nomád Dives Deep Into the Meaning Behind His 6th Single Release “Gimme Love”

Jay Nomád, welcome back to BuzzMusic! It's always a pleasure. Your new single “Gimme Love” has tropical feel-good vibes. What inspires you to write music in this style?

Thank you for your support. Yes, 'Gimme Love' has a different vibe compared to my other songs. It's the purpose I had from the moment I started this project which is not to stick to one genre as long as I can keep the songs sounding Pop. So in the past, we've heard some EDM, Rock, Hip Hop vibes to the songs I've written but now I'm trying out with a more Latin sound.

“Gimme Love” is your 6th single, can you tell us how your music has evolved since your first single?

My music has definitely changed a lot. At first, I was just putting out anything I could think of but more recently I've actually made sure each song has been thoroughly worked on. It took me over a month to write Gimme Love, not because of the complexity of the song but because I didn't want it to sound like anything I'd done before.

By including both English and Spanish verses in “Gimme Love,” it becomes a cultural bridge. Can you tell us more about your Latin culture, and why it’s important for you to create music for both audiences?

My mother is Colombian and although I was born in NYC I lived there for more than a decade. So there's a great love for Colombia and Latin culture in general which drives me to express that in my songs. I think I'll be writing more songs in both languages because I want to reach Latin audiences but also bring that music to Asia, specifically Thailand, where I'm started to have a following.

You continue to bring freshness to your music release, after release. What advice do you have for upcoming artists to keep their music fresh and new but still remain authentic?

Thank you. What I do is I always try to get inspiration from what artists are coming up with. I don't stick to one genre. Most importantly I just write songs that I like. If I like them then it's fine. I don't ever think about pleasing anyone with my songs and that's what makes it so easy to write music nowadays. I recommend new artists do the same. Just focus on what you like and what you want to express, if people like it, then you can figure out how to market it to them.

Thank you for chatting with us Jay, it's always a pleasure. What do you hope your new fans and listeners take from "Gimme Love"?

Thank you too, it's always a pleasure. What I hope they take from this is you can always right music without degrading women. I got my inspiration from this song from Reggaeton (musically), but the lyrics in most of the songs I heard seemed to objectify women in some sort of way. I tried my best to keep myself from having that in my lyrics for 'Gimme Love'. It's something I want other artists, fans, and listeners to know about me.

Listen to "Gimme Love" here.