Jay Nomád Dives Deep Into the Meaning Behind His 6th Single Release “Gimme Love”

Jay Nomád, welcome back to BuzzMusic! It's always a pleasure. Your new single “Gimme Love” has tropical feel-good vibes. What inspires you to write music in this style?

Thank you for your support. Yes, 'Gimme Love' has a different vibe compared to my other songs. It's the purpose I had from the moment I started this project which is not to stick to one genre as long as I can keep the songs sounding Pop. So in the past, we've heard some EDM, Rock, Hip Hop vibes to the songs I've written but now I'm trying out with a more Latin sound.

“Gimme Love” is your 6th single, can you tell us how your music has evolved since your first single?

My music has definitely changed a lot. At first, I was just putting out anything I could think of but more recently I've actually made sure each song has been thoroughly worked on. It took me over a month to write Gimme Love, not because of the complexity of the song but because I didn't want it to sound like anything I'd done before.