Jay Nomád's Music Will Strike You With His Diversified Artistic Talent

Music artist Giovanni Osorio, known as Jay Nomád in the music scene, is flourishing with his fusion of electronic, pop, and contemporary urban soundings. Residing in New York City, Jay Nomád strives to blend diverse elements to embody a refreshing and unique sound. Ever since Jay began within the music industry, he's been putting forth all of his passion, thoughts and ideas to create a catchy and lush feeling for listeners.

In February, Jay Nomád had released his track "Gimme Love", where we saw an interesting combination of soca-reggaeton sounds with the electronic house and dance music. Being Jay's sixth single, "Gimme Love" displays Jay's heterogeneity within the music scene. Jay Nomád has always been known for that though--his ability to mesh various elements together, various styles together, to construct a product that is unlike any other listening experience. We've always been drawn to the eccentrics of Jay Nomád, as well as the integral values he's held as an artist. Jay Nomád is a communicator, and we're pleasantly pleased with his continuous efforts in designing suggestive music.

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