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Jayductions Gives Back With New Hit Single “Back to You”

This isn’t just a hip hop song, “Back to you” is a soulful track that incorporates hints of jazz and blues. Jayductions is multi-talented; singing choruses and verses with smooth vocals and laying down the rhymes with attitude and prowess. The lyrics are descriptive, sophisticated and thought provoking- its rap with purpose. It’s one thing to be able to spit out the rhymes with speed, but to have meaning and substance in those rhymes, that’s were Jayductions’s gifts shine through. A ticking percussive beat gives this track the hip hop feels, but the wailing guitar has R&B flares and the soft piano gives a jazz club aura.

Jayductions, born Jay Allen is the CEO and Executive Producer at Jayductions LLC. Allen started writing music’s at young age of 9-years-old and hasn’t looked back since. He’s journeyed through the music industry, producing for several artists, experimented with a few instruments and has played with several bands. Allen is now releasing his own creations that he describes as “Fresh Sounds”. After listening to Jayductions “Back to You” and his other creations it’s clear to see this artist has a lot to offer his listeners. Stream “Back to You” today and plunge deeper into Jayductions creations!


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