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Jayneto Gives Us A Heart-Rendering Rap Hit “Closure”

Jayneto, born in 1998, began doing music between the early ages of 9 and 10. His uncle was a church organist, and used to play music. He’s actually the reason Jay writes his music now, serving as a big inspiration for him. Throughout the years, Jayneto progressively got better, and released projects including “Sierra Ep”, “Hell fire” “Diablo” & “Reflection”. He sadly decided to take them down however from all streaming platforms due to quality reasons. Ever since then, Jayneto has been constantly working and evolving himself as an artist.

Jayneto released his single titled “Closure” and it began with an introduction that displayed dialogue of a woman’s voice, providing comfort for Jayneto. This was delivered in a light sensual manner, hinting the possible theme of what this record would be about. I loved the refined and hypnotic beat. It created the perfect vibe for you to get lost in the music. You’re mesmerized by the production, but you’re in-tuned with the lyrics. The theme of “Closure” showed similarities to the message of heartbreak. In my opinion, Jayneto vents to us. Tells us how he truly feels, and uses this song as a personal diary for him to become vulnerable, and sensitive. The hook was dope. “ I just need some closure, soon I’ll be pushing a rover”, the hook sings. I liked how Jayneto still demonstrated personality in a sad-like rap song. It was metaphorically witty, and even memorable. “Closure” is a nice vibe song for anybody who's feeling melancholic, and wants to gain the confidence to hop out their feelings and into a bag!

Listen to "Closure" here and get to know more about Jayneto below!

Hey Jayneto! You’ve established yourself as an artist through various of different releases. Which of your past projects has been the most impactful for you and why?

I think the most impactful was probably my “Reflection album” essentially. Even with it being a bad quality album, I put in a lot of hard work on it. I’ve had nights where I didn’t sleep until the next night working on it. Plus, I very tenacious about it. Even after coming & leaving from work I was only thinking about that album because it was about me personally. & I talk about my life most of the time. That album had people crying and Dming me telling me to keep making music etc. I had a kid tell me that I saved her from killing herself & from that moment on I knew that album was very powerful & when I took it down it broke a lot of hearts but I did it for me and came back stronger and better. 

“Closure” seems to have a strong emotional content behind it. What was this song about?

closure was about a very toxic relationship along with how I grew up. In the song I mention finding a noose, and thought about killing myself. I was so low at that point in life I wanted to end it all. But after hours of thinking & staring at that noose I realized I had so much to live for. As far as the relationship, I’ve had a female I was deeply in love (a few of them) give me the sharp end of the stick so many times. But, now that I’m doing better in life they’re coming back asking for my number and stuff like that. So, that’s what that was about. It was a hard song to write about but I did it & I'm very impressed with how I did it. 

Was there anybody on your mind in whom helped you write this record?

Nobody help me write this record I wrote all of my songs. My producer Todd made the beat though shout out to him. 

How has your sound and artistry in “Closure” elevated since your first release?

I use rap with only one flow. As I started getting better and better I started to find different flows and start singing. I use to rap really really fast because I thought the faster you went the better you were but that’s not the case. I would say I found my sound officially around 16 or 18 years old. But that’s okay, it takes time it doesn’t happen over night. 

What’s the next step for you ?

My next step is to finish this new body of work I’m planning to release mid fall. Tour locally, & to have more of my songs on bigger Spotify playlists & have more blogs write about me. 


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