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Jayoolian Gives You A Vibe With “18 Roadster”

Julian Gioffre who goes by the stage name of Jayoolian, is a singer, songwriter and producer based out of the Bay Area of California. He’s fresh into the music scene, as he didn’t quite begin doing music until 2 years ago. He was heavily into hip-hop and rap but would only cater his listening to artists; MF Doom, Ice Cube, Juicy J, A Tribe Called Quest, Dom Kennedy, A$AP Rocky, Nujabes and a little bit of Ab-Soul. However, once Jayoolian discovered the artistry of Lil Uzi Vert, he was compelled by the discovery of something new in the genre of hip-hop. He credits Uzi’s release of the album “Luv Is Rage” followed by “Uzi Vert vs The World” he was forever impacted by the music.

Jayoolian began making beats and investing himself into production once he became worn out from editing videos at home. After 6 hours straight of learning his musical software, he built a crave to make music. Then as months went by, his best friend came over to his house and encouraged him to record his first-ever song titled “No Friends”. She hyped him up and inspired him to transform his efforts in making music from a hobby to a passion. A year and a half later, he has networked and created many great connections in the industry has his first album out!

We took a listen to the carefree record of “18 Roadster” off his album titled “Trapped”. This outgoing single had a droll appearance to the quick-witted lyrics. The lyrical arrangement of this song was super epigrammatic, which was more than appreciated. He had us entertained thoroughly just by the lyricism alone! The dope vocals represented the style of sing-rap. With a vibrant production, the beat still managed to hold some sense of aggressive trap, displayed in the bass. The rhythmic matter of the beat was perfect for listeners to transform the vibes into something more personable for their mood. You can listen to this song relaxed, or even get hype to it! It’s versatile enough to serve its purpose at different settings of your day! "18 Roadster" was a nice offering from a promising artist who has a lot in store for us.

Listen to "18 Roadster" here and get to know more about Jayoolian in our interview below!

Introducing Jayoolian! How has growing up in the Bay Area essentially impacted your artistry?

Growing up in the Bay Area has definitely had a huge impact on my influence of music and where I am today as a producer/artist. I never really got into having my own taste in music until I started high school, which, even then was such a weird time for me because my parents never really listened to music at home and my taste solely was built off of what I heard during lunch at school or whatever my friends at the time were listening to. Literally if I had grown up anywhere else, I don’t know where I would be in life.

How has the journey been for you so far as an upcoming artist?

It has been one hell of a journey for me. I remember when I got logic on my computer for the first time and staying up till 4 or 5 in the morning just messing around with the program. It took me months of many garbage beats/instrumentals and poorly put together melodies until I gave it a break for a while and went back to making videos. I remember to this day, my boy had told me to look up what “Music Theory” was and try to learn as much as I could about it and then give making music another try. After 6 solid hours of youtube tutorials/videos on music theory I suddenly had a crazy urge to put together my first track, which lead to “No Friends” being born.

Since my first track, I developed kind of like an addiction to creating music, like I wanted to really make something new to the industry one day but I knew it would be quite some time until I would be ready for the world to hear. I lost my interest filming, video games, going out with my friends on the weekends, and even video editing. I really just wanted to go home after work or school and learn as much as I could to really help me grow as a producer. It didn’t stop there either, when I transferred to state college I enrolled in audio production classes and made sure to take as many steps as I could in life to expand my knowledge. Everything was going well but I really didn’t know how to get my track sounding like the way I wanted to how I heard it in my head. During that time I was also in the process of getting a music video shot but the song wasn’t mixed/mastered yet so I had to find someone to help me with that. Later that month the videographer put me on to a sound engineer/producer by the name of “Highlifeflo” who later on became a good friend of mine and helped me co-produce/mix and master my Trapped album! Before the album was finished, I ended up getting scammed by the videographer and got my money stolen by him as well. Oddly enough, that ended up working out to my advantage later that year due to the fact that I ended up shooting a better music video with a good friend of mine “evijanjohn”. Following the music video and the completion of my first album, I managed to network around the Bay Area and get my first show booked in San Francisco. It was a life changing experience for me and I honestly never thought I would be performing in front of anyone let alone my own music.

Considering the fact you were heavily inspired by Lil Uzi Vert, is he one of your main influences for your sound and style today?

I got into Uzi back in 2016 along with Lil Yatchy as well, it was a whole different style of rap at the time and for me it was super fun and energetic. Me being really outgoing and full of energy all the time really helps me relate to both their music. Him being one of my main influences? Yes, and still very much this day as well as Xxxtentacion. I don’t really define my sound to much really sounding like him or X, but I do heavily listen to both as they helped me get through a lot of personal events I was going through life. I think of my sound as something I found on my own after hours of practicing and messing around with my microphone at home, I don’t try to sound like anyone but myself.

Talk to us about your album “Trapped”, what can we expect from it? In what ways does “I8 Roadster” finds its place in the album as a whole?

My album is something that is very meaningful for me. Listeners should expect to get a idea on what goes on inside my head, during dark times, successful times, what it was like being in a toxic relationship with my significant other and people who I considered almost as family to me who ended up turning their backs on me, and my growth not only as an artist/producer, but as a person most importantly. I8 roadster is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. My album basically dives into my feelings and thoughts but I needed to have a track that wakes you up and catches you off guard. I wanted it to be a fun song that everyone can turn up to and just have a good time. It was my first and hopefully one of many more big features to come for me music wise.

What’s next for you?

I am working hard networking and really just making sure my music gets out there and my audience continues to grow. My main goal for this year is to be on stage as much as I possibly can, performing is something that I have been dreaming of since last year when I put out my first track. I’m really hoping to get a music video going for my track I8 Roadster with my feature (24kgoldn). I also want to get at least 1 more album out there before the year ends as well as stay strong and finish college and get my degree in audio production. Not many people know about this but my main goal for my music career is to either produce a song with Uzi or be on stage performing with him would be a dream come true to me. But for now I am working on 2 new tracks which should be done hopefully in a week or 2 max.


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