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Jayquan Savage Helps Us "Grow Up," In His Soulful New Single

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, singer-songwriter and dancer Jayquan Savage’s passion for the arts began early on. He discovered a love for dance as well as music, vowing to keep both of these passions at the center of his journey in becoming an entertainer.

Graduating with a BFA in dance, while also releasing his latest EP, “The Art Of Letting Go,” it's apparent that Jayquan Savage is off to a great start incorporating both of these passions into his journey. Writing and recording is an extremely cathartic experience for Jayquan, helping him to work through and navigate his most painful life experiences and come out stronger on the other side.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the emotional Pop/R&B track, “Grow Up,” off of Jayquan Savage’s debut EP “The Art Of Letting Go." Listeners are met with an ominous intro, filled with a thudding 808 and a scattering of lighter percussive elements panning across the top of the track. These guide us towards Jayquan’s soulful, R&B style vocals, which slice through around 30 seconds into the track.

Accompanied by a thick, layered synth, Jayquan’s vocals are buttery and smooth, with beautiful intonations and runs scattered throughout the track. He invites us in with a raw and emotional tone and takes listeners on his journey of pain, healing, and growth.

Jayquan tells the story many of us know all too well. He describes his attempt to work through issues he has faced in previous relationships, attempting to not bring this baggage into any new scenario he might encounter down the road. His hurt and pain though are evident, but in order to feel love again and grow, he knows he has to resolve these issues. We applaud his vulnerability and self-reflection in the soulful, captivating new track.

Go show Jayquan some love on his emotional new single, “Grow Up,” and check out the rest of his debut EP, “The Art Of Letting Go” as well while you’re it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jayquan Savage! We are really happy to have you and love the vulnerability you show within your single “Grow Up”. Was it challenging to release something so honest and raw?

It was very challenging to release something so honest in raw because you just never know how the audience will receive it.

Can you tell us a bit more about the writing/recording process? Did you produce this track yourself or was there any sort of collaboration involved?

When I first started writing grow up I didn’t know what would come of it. I started off making the beat and then writing the lyrics started to flow out naturally. I wanted the song to express the new journey I was embarking on. I also wanted it to show that it is ok to be one with your feelings and acknowledge that something traumatic has happened but that was only for the moment but healing is forever because we are constantly healing.

Is there a section of the song that is the most meaningful for you?

I would say lyrics wise the 2nd verse is one of my favorite parts of the song because it was actually me noticing the things that I’ve gone through and how they play a major part in my decision making when it comes to new relationships I decide to explore.

Is there a certain message you’d like for listeners to be able to take away from the track when they hear it for the first time?

What I want listeners to take from this track is not only holding others accountable for their actions but also holding yourself accountable and seeing how you as a person can grow from something. I recently released an Ep called “The Art Of Letting Go” on November 26th which grow up as the lead single. It has been doing really well and I’m excited for everyone to keep listening to it and introducing it to others because I feel that the project is relatable and human.

What's next for you?

I am currently working on a full-length album which is the next step for me which will include some elements from the Ep but also explore different topics and life changes that’s have been happening to me so that should be interesting and fun.

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