JazzGarcelle Leaves Us "Intoxicated," With Lush New Single

The mesmerizing r&b-soul/pop artist and singer-songwriter JazzGarcelle graces our speakers with a romantic and uplifting single entitled "Intoxicated."

With various online magazine features and nominations under her belt, it's without a doubt that JazzGarcelle captures the attention of anyone she performs in front of. Also a member of the Beautiful, Brown, Bold Organization that celebrates sisterhood and accomplishments, JazzGarcelle is never one to shy away from the truth and promoting equality.

Recently dropping her beautiful single, "Intoxicated," it goes without saying that JazzGarcelle offers a serene listening experience through her incredible vocal stylings and innate passion. As she grooves her way through the downtempo sonics, JazzGarcelle leaves any listener basking in her vocal prowess and creative glory.

Listening to "Intoxicated," the song fiercely opens with a pulsating vocal sample and a pumping kick drum. As JazzGarcelle makes her vocal appearance alongside the tender piano melodies and sweet synth arrangements, she begins to swoon us with her mesmerizing vocal harmonies that sing a sweet and tender ballad of unconditional love.

We adore how JazzGarcelle places such a relatable and emotional topic into this piece, as any listener is able to find a piece of themselves within JazzGarcelle's lyricism surrounding her utter devotion and passion for someone special. As JazzGarcelle makes her way towards the song's end, she leaves us in a trance with each hum and whisper she gracefully sends our way. Not to mention the song's overall soothing instrumentation and sonics; we're truly feeling lifted after listening to this piece.