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JCarter Keeps It 100 With "FCKLOVE" Featuring JKing

From our stomping grounds of LA, rising R&B artist and singer-songwriter JCarter teams up with longtime friend JKing for a brutally honest, sonically stunning new single, "FCKLOVE."

Inspired by 90s R&B legends like Brandy and Usher, JCarter has been honing his craft since childhood. Now working on his debut project, he's ready to make waves in the music industry with his smooth vocals and raw lyrics. And he's already doing just that with a few solid tracks under his belt.

"FCKLOVE" marks another step towards JCarter's upcoming full-length release. The track not only showcases his growth as an artist but also his willingness to tackle complex relationship themes head-on—offering listeners a slice into his personal life that many can relate to.

Diving into "FCKLOVE," the song smoothly opens with slick production and JCarter's velvety vocals. For the jump, the song dives into the messiness of modern dating, with JCarter admitting he's not ready to settle down despite his partner's hopes. JKing's feature adds another layer to the story, offering a similar perspective but in an entirely new, refreshing way.

As the anticipation builds, JCarter's honest lyrics shine through. He doesn't sugarcoat his feelings, instead laying out the harsh truths of casual relationships—and we applaud him for it. Someone's gotta do it! The smooth R&B backdrop provides a perfect contrast to the song's raw emotions, creating a listening experience that's both catchy and thought-provoking.

Experience JCarter's hold-nothing-back approach in his newest single, "FCKLOVE," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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